Oooo time for a new currently loving post here on the blog – a chance to celebrate the things I’m enjoying the most at the moment. As always I have a wide variety of things for you – taking you full circle from a speech bubble shared cushion around to a memory foam pillow for camping.

Once you’ve read about my selection I’d really love to hear about the things you are currently loving… don’t forget to leave me a comment below to let me know.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving September 2018

01. One of the many things I was gifted as I left Lincolnshire and house and job, this “You Got This” cushion from Next says it all. Thanks Cerri, this sits on my Poang chair and reminds me daily.

02. I discovered the new Robinsons posh cordials at my cousin’s wedding, where we were served them with our barbecue, and have had at least one bottle in stock ever since. This one is my favourite – the Crushed Lime and Mint – best served with ice cold carbonated water courtesy of my Soda Stream.

03. I have always loved swimming, every since I was very little, but it’s one of those sports that requires a bit of effort to do – I mean, you have to go somewhere and dress properly! Represented here by my large Care Plus travel towel, Aqua Sphere swim suit and Zoggs goggles (which I really should replace, they’re old and a bit temperamental these days), I’ve recently been swimming before work at my local leisure centre at least once a week. My swim fitness is still poor but I’m loving it and starting to see improvements. I’ve got a bit of a swimming adventure coming up soon which I’m trying to get ready for – I only hope I’ve done enough!

04. The evenings are starting to get a bit cooler which means it’s time to find the cosy hoodies and fleeces again. This is my current favourite, a recent purchase from Weird Fish that I can’t actually find online anymore (so clearly not that recent!) – the whole thing is a lovely fleece, thin but oh so warm and cosy. I love it! There are some similar Weird Fish hoodies here.

05. I think this might count as a bit of a guilty pleasure. Who else just loves custard?! I love the stuff, could eat (drink?!) an entire jug of the stuff on my own with no problem at all, but of course it’s much better when paired with a yummy apple crumble or syrup sponge. This is indeed a packet of instant custard and I have no problem admitting that yes, I do go there. I always have some of this in the cupboard, just in case pudding requires it.

06. I’m very much enjoying a spot of adventure planning at the moment. I have a couple coming up – nothing major like many people, but both are certainly adventures to me. I’m very much hoping to walk the Cotswold Way later this autumn – there are some things that I need to put in place before that can happen, but I’ve made a start by studying the map, reading the guidebook, and making some plans. Who else enjoys the planning stage?

07. Chocolate features in my Currently Loving posts more often than not, and this time around I’ve picked the rather moreish Rita Sport Peppermint. It’s dark chocolate with a peppermint cream filling, best eaten straight from the fridge one cold square at a time. I admit that I go on the hunt for it every time I’m in Lidl and if they’ve got it I buy one bar for now and one for later…

08. I’ve never been someone who has enjoyed sitting and reading a book. I just haven’t fallen in love with it. But I recently have discovered that Audible is just a fantastic way to “read” a story – especially when you get an excellent narrator. I signed up for the free trial and am going to struggle to cancel my membership when it’s up, as I’ve really been relishing car journeys and lunchtime walks. At the moment I’ve got The Hobbit in my ears. If you’re interested, these are the headphones I use when walking, and this is the speaker I use when I’m in the bath (read my review here).

09. We bought this cheap and cheerful Quechua Arpenaz tent as a replacement for a very old and worn out tent that finally gave up the ghost over in Canada. Having done a fair few camping road trips in our old tent we decided we wanted one we could stand up in this time, and thanks to travelling either on two bikes or by car we have room to carry it. It might be a basic tent, but it’s super simple to pitch, does the job really well, and gives us a bit of camping luxury with all that space to spread out. (Read my review here.)

10. This is the latest edition to my camping set-up – only five or six years after I promised myself I’d get a decent camping pillow when I bought a super cheap inflatable thing that creaked and squeaked and was never comfortable for sleeping on. It’s the Thermarest Compressible Pillow, which is a memory foam pillow made from offcuts from their sleeping mats with a lovely soft cover that rolls up to about the same size as my old inflatable thing. I used it for the first time at the beginning of the month and it’s an absolute revelation – just like having a normal pillow. Bliss.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving September 2018

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  1. Allysse Riordan

    Your local library should have a gazillion audiobooks (online) for you to borrow for free Definitely cancel the subscription and save a lot of money.

    I think I’m going to start doing ‘currently loving’ on the posts too. I always really enjoy reading yours. It’s a little like a slice of life but also a record of the time of year.

    • Splodz

      I didn’t realise libraries would have an online library, I’ll definitely check that out, thanks!

      I’d love to read your currently loving – definitely do one and let me know when it’s live 🙂

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