It’s become something of an annual tradition for bloggers everywhere to provide their readers with ideas and suggestions for festive gift giving. And things are no different here on Splodz Blogz. It’s time for my customary gift guide for outdoor lovers, just in case you’re at a loss for what to pop under the tree or in the stocking this year.

Actually, this year you’re getting three separate gift guides. You know, just because. Today I’m sharing a few things – big and small – that might make the outdoors lover in your life smile on Christmas morning. Or any other morning for that matter. Later in the week I’ll share my second experiences not things gift guide, and then there will be a post sharing all kinds of reusable food and drink goodies, any and all of which would make great gifts for anyone wanting to cut down on plastic waste.

Without further ado and waffle, here is my fourth annual gift guide for outdoor lovers. You can always look back at my guides from 2017 and 2016 if there aren’t quite enough ideas for you here.

Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers

Splodz Blogz | Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers 2018

01. Outdoor-themed gifts for the home, such as those you find in outdoors-focused charities all over the, always make me smile. This penguin mug and tea towel are my favourites from the RSPB catalogue this year – one of my (many) big bucket list items is to see Rockhoppers in the wild. When grabbing the link for this post I spotted they have a jug, too… here’s the full collection.

02. It’s winter, so why not treat your loved one to something to keep them warm? A heated jacket from 8K Flexwarm would make someone very happy, I’m sure. I have the original version in black (read my review), but they’ve recently brought out some more colours – and gilets, too. Or if you don’t think the heating element would go down well, a down or synthetic alternative jacket such as The North Face Thermoball, RAB Microlight Alpine or Patagonia Micro Puff would, I’m sure, be very much appreciated (I’ll take the Micro Puff in the Beryl Green please!). (Links are all to women’s fit, but men’s fit also available if you prefer.)

03. Sticking with gifts that keep people warm how about a decent thermal top? I’ve been impressed with the new Heat Rub Move crew neck top by Zerofit, they are designed specifically to keep you warm when you’re moving, but I can confirm they are warm for sleeping and when I’m riding my motorbike, too. They’re so soft on the inside! As a cheaper alternative, a basic merino wool top is an excellent addition to anyone’s gear cupboard – I have this one from Decathlon and it does a really good job.

04. I think it’s fair to say that every outdoorsy person likes their tools. Little gadgets that help open, fix, repair, cut, and whatever else they need to do. A multi tool, like RedHawk from Raitex (here on Amazon), a traditional Swiss Army Knife (this is “the Hiker”), and/or a pocket knife with a decent blade (like this Scout knife) is so useful when camping. Add a roll of Gorilla Tape, a bit of string and a couple of cable ties and you basically have a complete tool kit for on the road!

05. Ah my trusty Pacmat (read my review). You knew this would feature in this year’s gift guide for outdoor lovers, didn’t you? It really would make a great gift – especially with the right map for the person you’re giving it to. You’ll find the mappy versions over on the Ordnance Survey website, and the rest of the range on the Pacmat site.

06. The PhoneHug is new to my random collection of accessories but it is very useful and would make an excellent stocking filler for anyone who wanders around with their phone permanently in hand. It’s a simple phone holder – the silicone fits around your phone (one size fits most) and attaches to a lanyard or cord around your neck or wrist, and helps protect it from knocks and surfaces, means you can never lose it down the loo, and keeps it safe from thieving hands. I especially like it because it means I can lean over edges or over water to take snaps without worrying about dropping my phone into the abyss.

07. Routine: Walk across muddy field. Arrive home. Awkwardly take off boots at front door whilst trying to keep socks dry. Stumble inside. Put on slippers. Relax. A pair of slippers is a must, for sure. These ones are the Gus by Baabuk (read my review) – I also love The North Face Tent Mules (here and here on Amazon) and I keep being told I need to get some UGGs. But honestly, anything that keeps feet warm and cosy inside after they’ve been working hard outside is good!

08. Know someone who likes or deserves a little bit of extra comfort when they camp? Treat them to a lovely comfy pillow – a happy camper is a rested camper, after all. This one is a memory foam number from Thermarest, which was a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be and was money very well spent.

09. Mmmmm chocolate – and outdoors themed chocolate at that. I love the gifts from Bettys, so good. Last year it was a hedgehog, this year we have a bear. An extravagant sweet treat, whether it is home made or bought from a decent store like Bettys, is always a good call.

10. I could have done a whole gift guide full of books, because they make such great gifts. A guide book, book of walks or similar is always a great idea for an outdoors loving person. Britain’s Best Small Hills by Phoebe Smith is a good option for anyone who loves to get up high for good views without spending days climbing technical mountains. There are some more suggestions in my Amazon Store.

Splodz Blogz | Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers 2018

Oh, I almost forgot, I can’t very well publish a gift guide for outdoor lovers without suggesting my own products, can I?! Why not treat yourself or someone you love to a One Hour Outside tee or tote – encouragement to spend more time outdoors. Find all the products in the One Hour Outside Store, and watch this space, there’s a Christmas jumper coming your way!

Splodz Blogz | One Hour Outside Tee

Do you give and receive outdoors themed gifts at Christmas time? What have you written in your letter to Santa this year?


Note that some (but not all) of these items have been gifted to me by brands over time, and some (but not all) links are affiliate links. I have not been paid to include anything in my gift guide – I’m not influential enough for that!

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  1. jrmdncn

    Great list, however its worth mentioning that the gerber knife you shared isn’t a legal carry knife; To be legal carry it would need to have a blade length less than 3 inches and the blade cant lock.

      • jrmdncn

        I would also recommend being cautious about carrying it even if you think you have a legitimate reason. As some police officers could be a little funny about it 🙂

      • Splodz

        My own one is legal carry. But even then I’m very careful because it’s not really an argument I want to have with an official!

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