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Ask any lady who loves to spend time outdoors what trousers she wears, and the likelihood is that she has at least one pair of the Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Stretch hiking trousers.

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I’ve had mine for years now, currently switching between two pairs – a black pair and a graphite pair. And I’m about to hit “buy” on a third pair; I’m liking the “Loch Blue” I spotted in Go Outdoors the other day.

They have a straight leg, they are plain, they come in different lengths to suit those who are short and tall, they have the right amount of stretch to fit over curvy thighs and hips, and allow full movement for big steps. I’m not confident enough in my shape to hike in leggings, but I don’t need to with these – I have the freedom of movement I need and feel good wearing them. There are belt loops for those who wish to cinch them in, and come up high enough so you’re not showing your bum off to the world when you crouch or climb.

The main thing is that they are just so comfortable. I wear mine for everything. Mainly hiking, naturally, but also whenever I know comfort is going to be vital – city walking, visiting museums, days out wherever really, even work dress down days instead of jeans when I want to walk home at the end of the day. The black ones, especially, are simple and smart enough to get away with in pretty much every circumstance.

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One of the reasons they are so versatile is that they have a couple of bits of technical spec that help make them good for all kinds of activities and weathers. They have sun protection to keep your legs safe from harmful rays, “smartdry” so that if you do get caught in a rain shower you know these will repel a bit but then dry very quickly afterwards (which has come in incredibly handy for me!), heel tape to stop them snagging on your boots and to keep them from riding up, and three zipped pockets that are actually big enough to put things in – one has a sunglasses wipe hidden away in it.

They also wash easily and dry quickly. This makes them the ideal travel trousers, too – I’ve become accustomed to taking these instead of jeans when travelling because they are more comfortable for all day, are much lighter and smaller to carry, and if I do need to wash them I can. When road tripping or multi-day hiking I can wash these in the sink, confident they will be dry by the following morning and ready to put on again.

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Add to all that the excellent value – you can generally find a pair for around £30-35, and you just can’t go wrong. I mean, I love my Fjallraven Keb trousers, they’re superb, but I can have several pairs of these to my one pair of those, and so far they have lasted the same amount of time. Naturally time will ultimately tell, and I won’t be afraid to come back and update this post should my Kiwi Pro Stretch disappoint me later on.

If you are thinking of buying yourself a pair, my advice is to size down. I’m normally a 10/12 and am an 8 in these, and could probably fit in a 6 if I wanted them to be a more snug fit. I am short in the leg but wear the regular fit as I prefer a little extra material than a gap between my shoes and trouser leg.

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I guess what I’m saying is that if you are a lady looking for a decent pair of “do everything” hiking trousers that fit well, are comfortable all day, and don’t break the bank, get these.

You can find the Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Stretch hiking trousers direct at Craghoppers, at Go Outdoors, and at pretty much every other outdoors shop out there. Men’s fit also available.


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  1. Hannah

    I had a pair a few years ago but somehow shrunk them in the wash 🙁 did enjoy wearing them before that though!

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