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There is something about these strange few days between Christmas and New Year that gets everyone looking back and thinking ahead. For some reason we forget these few days exist – we don’t know what day it is, we aren’t cooking proper meals (more leftovers, anyone?!), we’ve watched enough telly box to give us square eyes, and we are wearing pyjamas more often than proper outdoor clothes.

Splodz Blogz | Wilderness Weekends - Sunrise over Steeple
Steeple, near Kimmeridge Bay on the Dorset Coast

It’s kind of nice in some ways; the whole country – world – seems to be taking a few days to relax and do not very much. It’s an excuse to be a bit lazy. We might pop to the shops (which is an adventure in itself in the sales!), meet some friends for lunch, have a wander up a hill or along a river bank. Generally speaking, though, what we are all doing is an awful lot of thinking.

There is certainly nothing wrong with looking back over the year and thinking about all the amazing things we’ve been up to. And planning ahead to next year, well that’s pretty sensible and a lot of fun, especially if it gets you all excited for what’s to come.

But there is a problem if the only thing we are doing in these few days between Christmas and New Year is thinking about what has gone and what is to come. If we are simply sat on our sofas in our pyjamas letting our mind reminisce and dream, then we are not making the most of this no man’s land of time. We do just this and we simply end up feeling a bit down in the dumps. What happened to actually living these days? You know, doing something awesome with them?

Splodz Blogz | Walking in Winter

Okay, so by awesome I don’t necessarily mean going on a really fantastic holiday or a completely incredible expedition. Although I know people who are doing both of those things and they are certainly being awesome! I simply mean making the most of these days we have been given so we don’t get to the end of the week – the end of the year – and don’t remember anything about them. Or worse, feel that we have wasted our time.

If you have to go to work then make the hours in your office super productive so you can finish the year in a particularly organised fashion. If you’ve off work then take this opportunity to actually do something – get outside and discover something new in your local countryside, visit some family or a friend you’ve been meaning to visit all year but didn’t get around to yet, go and check that list of goals and challenges for 2018 and work on whatever is left.

Or if you are shattered and feeling run down, as I know many people are at this time of year, use this time to do something positive to fix that – open some of those smellies you got given for Christmas and run yourself a superbly relaxing bath, clean your kitchen and get rid of all the rubbish food from your fridge so you can start the New Year feeling good inside, read a great book or finish that computer game you started and never had time to finish.

There are some perfectly good days left of 2018. Don’t waste them. Use them. Make them full of smiles. Life is all about the journey. And there are steps to be taken every day – even when in no man’s land between Christmas and New Year. Enjoy!

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  1. Shybiker

    Good advice. I follow it and do things this week that I don’t have time/energy for the rest of the year. Just built a big shoe-rack; organized my clothes; etc. Glad to see you handing out smart suggetions!

    • Splodz

      Sounds like you’re making the most of the days. Sorting out my clothes is on my list, too. And my shoes – I really need to do that.

  2. Lydia Yang

    Totally agree the days after christmas and leading up to new year just feels like a limbo period that is very strange and is actually great for some proper self reflection on our year, travels, adventures and achievements. Great post, thanks for the heartfelt sharing!

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