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My regular Currently Loving feature here on Splodz Blogz is an eclectic mix of bits and bobs to wear, to read, to eat, to use, and to do. They are all things I am particularly enjoying at the moment, normally ten of them (I can’t always count). Some are brand new, while others are much more tried and tested. Some things even make a return appearance if I’m really in love! The idea of this very bloggy blog post is to simply give a thumbs up to the things I like, and give you some ideas for yourself, some recommendations, some thoughts, and maybe helps you get to know me a little better.

And as always, once you’ve read mine, I’d love to read yours – note them in the comments box below or send me your links over on twitter and let me know what you are currently loving…

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving March 2019

Currently Loving | March 2019

01. Sending Postcards

One of the things I included in my 38 things for 38 years list was to send more postcards to family and friends, working on the theory that I like receiving them so I should make sure I send more. There is something very special about receiving a hand written note in the post. I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far, I bought this box of 100 Marimekko postcards and I’m making quite a dent in it – still a way to go yet so keep an eye on your letterbox!

02. Hidden Stag Hoodie

How apt is the design on the back of this hoodie by Hidden Stag? I absolutely love it. Head for the Highlands? Yes please! When can we leave?! The hoodie was a gift from Shane, who runs Hidden Stag up in Edinburgh, and has very similar values as myself when it comes to offsetting our time in offices and in cities with plenty of time out in the countryside – good for the mind and the soul. The hoodie itself is thick, well made and oh so cosy; you’ll be seeing me in it a lot!

03. Columbia Trousers

Finding decent comfortable trousers for travelling is not easy, especially when your legs are a little larger than average. Enter my new favourites, the Buck Mountain Trousers by Columbia. The soft fabric has just the right amount of flexibility to allow full movement, the legs are wide enough to fit my wide frame but wouldn’t be super baggy on someone thinner, and the trousers maintain their shape so you don’t feel scruffy after sitting cross legged on the floor waiting for the bus/train/plane or whatever. Importantly, they roll up really small, and so will very easily pack into any bag. They are designed for more than just travel and rest days, but that’s what I’ve mostly been using mine for. I was gifted this pair in the India Ink colour, but I will be buying a second pair (currently cheaper on Amazon) ready for road tripping this summer.

04. Tea Pot and Tea Cosy

Tea is just the best, isn’t it? It is the perfect drink in my humble opinion, good for all situations and all times of day. I can probably be sure that whatever time of day you are reading this, I will be sipping on a mug of tea, or in the process of making my next one. I recently purchased this London Pottery Globe Teapot (thanks to breaking my slightly smaller one in a terrible accident one afternoon) together with a really quite fabulous Pot-T insulated tea cosy. I am very much a fan of globe teapots, they both look the part and pour very well (nothing worse than a poor pour), and the tea cosy was a bit of a risk being more expensive than a bog standard one, but I’m so pleased with it – it keeps my tea hot for ages and sits over my pot very nicely indeed. For reference, I take mine strong but with plenty of milk, ta.

05. Two Digital Radio Stations

Music provides the background to pretty much everything in my life. I enjoy a hugely wide ranging array of musical styles, and you will rarely find me sitting in silence. Discovering great radio stations is therefore always a pleasure. This month I wanted to include two digital radio stations that I have been particularly enjoying recently – one that only launched earlier this very week but already deserves a place in my Currently Loving feature. Chris Country Radio is obsessed with American country music, and I absolutely love it! It’s such a feel-good station, never fails to put a smile on my face or motivate me to get stuff done. Scala Radio is a brand-new station that I feel is very much filling a gap in the market by playing modern classical music as well as the traditional stuff we all know by heart. I’ve already heard a huge variety of music which is satisfying my love of orchestral music very well. You should give it a try. I should say that digital radio has been represented in my photo by my iPad, but know I would never actually listen to radio on that, the speakers are terrible!

My favourite instagram post since my last Currently Loving… taking in the view at Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria. Come on over and follow me @Splodz.

06. Milk Delivery

Towards the back end of last year I discovered there is a milkman who delivers to homes in my village in a proper milk float. Result! I’ve been getting milk delivered to my front door in glass bottles twice a week since then and I am so pleased – the service from Cotteswold Dairy is excellent, and I no longer use any plastic bottles/cartons or pay the supermarket for my milk. I know not everyone has the luxury of a local milk delivery like this, but I would love it if you’d at least look to see if there is one – each pint might cost a few pennies more than from Tesco, but you are doing a much better job for the environment and the farmer by going direct.

07. Tuc Crackers

What is it about Tuc Crackers that are so comforting? I don’t even mind if I don’t have any butter or cheese to go with them, they are pretty decent as they are with a cup of tea! Salty, savoury and perfect for snacking on, especially for supper!

08. Old Leather Converse

I thought it was time that I brought back a very old favourite to my Currently Loving feature – my absolute favourite brown leather Converse. I have had these for what feels like ever, they are so comfortable, and I wear them a whole lot. I know that Converse aren’t great for long days on your feet because they offer little in the way of arch support or cushioning, but I genuinely love them – they are smart, go with basically everything in my wardrobe, and are very easy to wear. I’ll absolutely admit that they take a bit of breaking in, just with any pair of leather shoes, but it’s worth the effort! I did a search to see if I could find a link to this exact pair, but I couldn’t find them – if I was buying some today, I’d choose these grey ones.

09. Solid Face Wash

For a long while I’ve been gradually taking steps to significantly reduce my single use plastic consumption (read my Ten Ways to Cut Waste and Gifts to Reduce Lunchtime Plastic posts). It’s not easy, especially in the bathroom cupboard, thanks to having problem skin that often reacts to new things. My most recent swap has been my face wash. Instead of using a product from a plastic bottle twice a day, I now use a sold face soap from Lush. This is the Coalface Facial Soap, which does an excellent job at cleaning my face – however mucky I’ve managed to get it – and is also not doing a bad job at keeping my redness and spots at bay. It’s not perfect, I might still try a different one next time, but not until it has run out. I have had this bar for two months and there is still loads left.

10. Three Films

We had a holiday in February, an actual holiday in a country hotter than the UK, and it was bliss (read about Hiking Roque Nublo and my Favourite Views in Gran Canaria). One thing that this provided opportunity for is watching films. And I watched several that I’m already looking forward to seeing again sometime. My current favourites are Edie, a film about walking and perseverance (and Fjallraven gear!), Christopher Robin, which was so well scripted to include all the nods back To AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, and Ready Player One, which was a surprisingly good story with a really fantastic soundtrack that was so obviously written by the same composer as Back to the Future. Now, based on these three films that I’ve enjoyed in the last month, what would you recommend that I watch next?!

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving March 2019

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  1. Lucy Dodsworth

    I have been meaning to sort out a milk delivery too as trying to go more eco friendly – great how these ‘old fashioned’ things are staging a resurgence now.

    • Splodz

      I am fortunate that I know. After 20 years in the Lincolnshire flatlands I am loving the hills!

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