My currently loving feature here on Splodz Blogz is a bit of an excuse to share with you a few of the things I’m particularly enjoying. This might be actual things I have bought or been gifted, it might be experiences or days out, and it might be music or videos or similar.

This month we have some shoes, trousers, hot sauces, a great experience, a book, and some other bits and bobs that I think you might be interested in.

And as always, once you’ve read mine, I’d love to read yours – note them in the comments box below or send me your links over on twitter and let me know what you are currently loving…

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving July 2019

Currently Loving | July 2019

01. Riding by Road Book

I spent the May Bank Holiday weekend taking part in the Rallymoto Wales 500 ride, a road book navigation event over two days deep in the Welsh countryside. A combination of on and off road riding, the aim of the event was to be as accurate in navigating the 500km+ mile course, with the route being around 100km on the Saturday and 420 or more on the Sunday. Being my first ever road book reading experience, and my first motorcycle rally, it’s fair to say this was a challenge (especially that water crossing…), but I came away feeling pretty good about my riding skills. It was an excellent experience and I’ll write up more about it in due course, but just know for now that it made this list, so must have been good.

02. Hot Sauces

Introducing my new favourite condiments – these hot sauces from Tubby Tom’s. We picked them up at a market in Cheltenham earlier this year, and they have become a firm favourite in our house. The Nuff Love Pineapple Hot Sauce is super fruity but with a decent chilli kick works very nicely indeed as a glaze on roast vegetables or to spice up a salmon fillet, and the Mu-Tang Mustard Sauce is the absolute best addition to a cheese or ham sandwich, and works brilliantly on roast pork and in mashed potato. There’s a bottle of the Hot and Smokey BBQ sauce in the cupboard waiting to be opened, too.

03. Costa Strawberry Lemonade

Yes, I know Costa is a chain, and shopping independents is always better, but have you tried my new favourite summer drink, the Strawberry Lemonade? Represented here by my Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler with straw and lid, which Costa will happily fill with the refreshing icy sweet drink. You can use mobile ordering via their app now, which is a great invention – you can place your order (and pay with Costa points) and five minutes later turn up at the counter and collect your drink, although that way you have no choice but to have a takeaway cup.  

04. Hiking and Road Trips Combined

Reading Everest England by Peter Owen Jones has really got me thinking about planning my own hiking road trip. I’ve often including hiking on my road trips, but have never gone on a road trip with the sole purpose of doing lots of hikes. The book is half guide book and half story book, and is well worth a read if you enjoy words about exploring the English countryside. I’ve already planned a few hiking road trips in my head – now I just need the time to do them! And the fact that I received this book as a proof copy made me feel special, and you can read my review here.

05. The Simplest Trainers

I am a massive fan of all things footwear. I just love shoes, especially Dr Martens, Converse (did you know Converse have just brought out some made from plastic bottles?), any decent pair of hiking boot. But when travelling light, there is nothing better than a decent but super simple pair of trainers. Nothing fancy, just basic, breathable comfort. I recently purchased these plain and simple Asics Fuzor 2 trainers from an outlet for £20 because I wanted something lightweight and packable for our trip to Spain – the two main requirements were that they would fit into my motorcycle panier bag and that they would be good enough as my only pair of off-the-bike shoes for the road trip. I’ve included these in my Currently Loving because I think I hit the jackpot – they are so comfortable and I’ve already worn them loads since I got them. I’ll let you know later whether they completely lived up to my hopes.

06. Linen Trousers from H&M

There is nothing more uncomfortable than jeans in the hot weather, and so I am pleased I have these blue linen trousers from H&M. They have called them linen joggers because of the relaxed fit – they have an elasticated, drawstring waist, pockets (hugely important!), and tapered legs. Despite being “joggers” I think they’re smart enough to team with a shirt for an evening meal out somewhere, and they are certainly good for all day. I have worn and washed them so often in the last month or so, I should definitely go and get them in another colour.

07. Uniqlo Airism Leggings

I’m always on the hunt for decent and comfortable leggings that are good to wear with dresses for work as well as underneath my motorcycle jeans and on their own when camping. I don’t ask for much! My latest purchase are the Uniqlo Airism Soft Leggings, which are lovely to wear, quick drying and moisture wicking, high waisted, have no side seams, and have a lovely matt finish. They come up super small though, so if you decide to get some be sure to size up.

08. Swimming Confidence – New Swim Shorts

I know it’s not cool to have body confidence issues at the moment, we’re supposed to embrace our curves and our dimples and our jiggles. But I’ve not quite caught up with that yet. So, my new Speedo swim shorts are giving my swimming confidence the world of good. These super simple short shorts are good for wearing over my swimsuit or bikini bottoms, they tie at the waist so there is no risk of them coming down in the water, they are made from recycled polyester, and they even have pockets.

09. Starting a New Notebook

One of life’s simplest pleasures is filling the last page of a notebook and starting a new one. I can’t be the only one who thinks that, can I?! The green one is now officially finished; I filled the last gaps last week. And the orange one has been started. My notebooks of choice are the Moleskine ones with the hardcover and squared pages – I find these are perfect for list writing, travel journaling, and blog drafting.

10. Red or Dead Sandals from Schuh

I said I liked shoes, and you’re getting two pairs in my Currently Loving this time around. These are my new everyday sandals, to replace the Blowfish ones that just about fell off my feet recently. The Red or Dead Viscount II in tan are a pretty classic looking sandal, with a footbed style sole. They’re not quite as comfortable as my old ones just yet, but I’m confident they will be very soon. I’ll be honest, I wanted a pair of the Birkenstock Arizona sandals, the ones with the two wide straps (these yellow ones are very nice), but I couldn’t warrant the £60 this time. Maybe there will be a sale at the end of the season.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving July 2019

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