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The Outdoors Station is the UK’s longest running independent producer of audio and video podcasts for the self-powered traveler, and episode 493 features Yours Truly and my One Hour Outside project.

One Hour Outside is my personal pet project, born out of a realisation that spending time indoors is very much considered normal these days. Spending some time outside every day doesn’t seem too much to ask, and the premise is very easy to understand; one hour, outside, taking stock, breathing in, getting some exercise, on a daily basis. Easy peasy… right?! I can assure you, it’s not. Some will find it much easier than others, some will have better waterproof coats than others, some will have no choice but to walk the dog or clean out the rabbits, but most people will probably not consider spending time outside is important.

The benefits are clear, with study upon study providing all the stats in favour of getting away from the walls and ceilings and fluorescent lights and computer screens and out into the open air. It might be my project, but I certainly don’t manage it. Normal people, leading a normal life – with work, family, home, hobbies, friends, life – simply don’t have the room for a daily habit that takes them out of the office or the house for a whole hour every single day. And so this pet project – campaign – is all about getting motivated to spend a little bit of time out side every single day.

One Hour Outside is one simple step to an improved life. By spending one hour or more quality time outside we can calm the mind, strengthen the heart, refresh the soul, and exercise the body. The real challenge is to make that happen each day, not just at the weekend or when you can squeeze it in.

You can listen to me bumble through trying to explain One Hour Outside to Bob and the rest of the world right here using the player below, over on The Outdoors Station website, or download it to your favourite podcast app.

Huge thanks to Bob from The Outdoors Station for thinking my story was worth telling. Find out more about the series, and listen to other episodes, over on the website.

I would love to know how you spend One Hour Outside each day. Use #OneHourOutside over on twitter or instagram and join in the conversation.

Want to know more about One Hour Outside or feature it on your own outlet? Find out more here, and drop me a line.

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