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My currently loving feature here on Splodz Blogz is my semi regular excuse to share with you a few of the things I’m particularly enjoying right now. It’s most often actual things I own, although it might also be experiences or days out, and it might be music or videos or other things.

This time around I have a coat, hats, jewellery, some fab new socks, my new boots, a book, and some other bits and bobs that I think you might be interested in.

And as always, once you’ve read mine, I’d love to read yours – note them in the comments box below or send me your links over on twitter and let me know what you are currently loving…

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving January 2020

Currently Loving | January 2020

01. It’s Beanie Hat Weather – Yay!

It’s been a few months since I last published a Currently Loving post – summer has turned to winter and that means one thing… it’s beanie hat weather! Beanie hats and cosy jumpers are definitely the best things about this time of year, no question. The two pictured are both new; I got The North Face Salty Dog Beanie (here on Amazon, here on The North Face) for my birthday and it’s just so perfectly green and woolly and shaped and everything else. The one with the bobble is a very special beanie from the new Edmund Hilary collection (here on Edmund Hillary’s website), it’s hand knitted with a traditional pattern in Equador and no two are the same. They’re both fabulous – the Salty Dog is perfect when I might want a hood, the Edmund Hillary great for frosty mornings with no sign of rain.

02. How to Read Water by Tristan Gooley

Secret Santa did great this year! How to Read Water by Tristan Gooley (here on Amazon, here on Waterstones) is proving to be incredibly fascinating. It’s designed as a guide to unlock the secrets hidden in the water around us, from streams and puddles to oceans and waterfalls, and I have to admit every section I’ve read so far has made me want to go and sit by water to watch it flow. I’ll admit that I don’t read many books, I tend to listen to them, but I’m enjoying working my way through this one, and have learnt a lot already. It’s not the easiest read, but it is super interesting. He’s written another title, The Natural Navigator (here on Amazon), which has been recommended to me as another good one to try after this.

03. Sock Liners with Toes

I included the Injinji Five Finger Liner Socks (here on Amazon, here on the Injinji website) in my Stocking Fillers for Outdoor Lovers post last month, but felt they deserved a proper mention in my Currently Loving, because I am, well, loving them. I’ve always worn sock liners under my hiking socks, I find that double layer helps keep my feet feeling dry and prevents some of the rubbing that I’ve experienced without. I tried the toe socks style from Injinji thanks to a tip from Jenni, who swears by them; the coolmax fabric and five-toe design definitely help prevent friction inside my boot and keep my feet nice and happy. I don’t think they will replace all my liners, I still very much appreciate my go-to Bridgedales (these Coolmax ones), but they are an excellent addition to my sock drawer.  

04. SECRID Leather Mini Wallet

In the world of cards over cash, and where loyalty cards are on our phones, we don’t need to carry around massive wallets around with all the things in – they’re just unnecessarily bulky. And with cards being contactless and the risk of theft on the go being a little more commonplace, a wallet with RFID protection is a good idea. Last summer we treated ourselves to a pair of SECRID wallets, which are super slim, keep cards protected, and are just very nicely designed. I have the Mini Wallet in Original Green, which has plenty of space for my cards, a few notes and receipts, does up with a popper to keep things nice and secure, and is in a beautiful soft green leather. It’s super small, fits in my pocket very easily indeed, and is the nicest wallet I’ve ever owned. If you’re local to The Cotswolds you’ll find them in Cotswold Trading in Broadway (their Secrid range is here online), but they didn’t have the ones we wanted in the store so we got ours online from Slim Wallet Junkie.

05. Tiny Notebooks from Paperchase

I might carry my phone with me everywhere which has a very handy notes app, but I still like to have a notebook with me at all times. I normally carry my Moleskine squared notebook with the hardcover (this one on Amazon) so I can journal while I’m out and about, but these tiny little brightly coloured notebooks are ideal for when all I need my to do list and space to write a few pointers or reminders. They were a birthday present from the lovely Sarah which she got from Paperchase, she knows me well. I can’t find the exact ones on their website, but they do have these very cute monster ones if you’re looking for something this size.

06. Go Your Own Way Road Trip Necklace

I don’t wear much jewellery, I only own a few simple pieces, but when I was introduced to Go Your Own Way recently, I fell a little bit in love. This small Lake District based company makes some really lovely – and not expensive – pieces inspired by the views in the area. My Find Your Road pendant (this one on Go Your Own Way) has a road and mountain scene on it, and it’s become a firm favourite for everyday wear. I know it’s not quite shopping local for me – the Lake District is a good four-hour drive away, but it’s shopping small and supporting independent business. There are other pendant designs, cufflinks, rings, pins, as well as coasters and prints, the whole site is well worth a browse. I like it so much I bought a couple of different pendant designs for two friends this Christmas, and hope they like theirs as much as I like mine.

07. Jack Wolfskin JWP Shell Jacket

I published a review of the Jack Wolfskin JWP Shell jacket last week (this is the jacket on Jack Wolfskin’s website, but go here to read my review), and if you’ve read that you’ll not be surprised it made it into my Currently Loving list for this month. Part of their pack-and-go range, the JWP Shell jacket is a lovely classically designed waterproof coat that looks great and performs very well, that stuffs into its own pocket just as a down jacket would. It’s also made from recycled fabric, which goes a little way towards making the outdoors clothing industry a bit more sustainable. It really has become my go-to shell for everyday wear.

08. Body Shop Matt Clay Foundation

My go-to foundation of choice has been Estee Lauder Double Wear (here on for a good few years now, it just seems to work well for my skin, providing decent coverage without causing my spot-prone skin to break out. But while I’m happy to spend the money on this not-exactly-budget-friendly make-up, mainly because it works and it’s the only make-up I wear, the glass bottle means it’s not ideal for camping or road tripping. I have been known to decant some into another container for travel, but that never seems to work right, and I’m sure the lady in Boots has cottoned onto the fact that I ask for a sample every time I’m heading off on holiday. Enter this little tube from The Body Shop. Their Matt Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation (here on The Body Shop website) is formulated for those of us with less than great skin, and so far I’ve found it to be a pretty good alternative. It isn’t a dupe; the formulation isn’t quite the same and The Body Shop one takes more blending than my normal choice, but so far I’ve been happy with the price, coverage, colour match, and lack of additional break-outs. It is also, of course, cruelty free. If you’re interested, I’m Ecru in Double Wear and 014 Railay Beach in The Body Shop one.

09. Peppermint Bubble Bar from Lush

I am a big fan of relaxing in a hot bubble bath, even more so when I have a Lush Bubble Bars to use. Bubble Bars (here’s the full range) are a great packaging free way to get a proper bubble bath, and they are more cost effective than Bath Bombs because you can easily split them across several dips. This cute shimmery polar bear is my new top pick; he is made with real peppermint and smells like a sweet candy cane – one of the best smelling bubble bars I’ve ever had. Sadly this is a Christmas specific product so you can’t get it at the moment, but I’ll certainly be looking out for it next winter. If you’re looking for a Bubble Bar for now, the Milky Bath (this one) is another favourite of mine and that is available all year round.

10. Meindl Bhutan Hiking Boots

I’ve only really just started breaking in my new Meindl Bhutan Hiking boots (here on Cotswold Outdoor and here on Go Outdoors), which I got courtesy of a collaboration with Cotswold Outdoor to test out their boot fitting service (read about my experience here). But already I am finding them a good decent solid pair of boots that are comfortable for consecutive day hikes, secure on uneven ground, and offer decent support for my foot and ankle. I always love having new gear (who doesn’t?!) and I just know these will be a great boot for my planned trek across the width of England later in 2020 – and planning adventures makes me very happy indeed. They are not a budget boot, they’re also not a lightweight boot, but so far so good and I’ll keep you informed as I wear them more and more.

For anyone wondering… if anyone actually is… the map underneath my flatlay is this Pacmat x Ordnance Survey picnic blanket with Dartmoor National Park on it. I highly recommend this, in fact I’ve just treated myself to a smaller single person one for when I’m hiking alone – watch out for that in a future Currently Loving post!

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving January 2020

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In the interests of full disclosure, the necklace, jacket, Edmund Hilary beanie, and boots were gifted by brands/PR companies, but none for the purposes of this post. My Currently Loving feature is always and only things that I genuinely like. There are affiliate links on this page, the funds from which help me keep playing at this blogging game.

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