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I’m sure you’ve seen these photo challenges before. The idea is very simple. Each day during February, take a photo that is somehow linked to a given prompt, and share it on your favourite social media.

My February photo challenge has become something of a regular feature here on Splodz Blogz over the last four or five years. Sharing my world in photos was how Splodz Blogz started back in 2010 after all, but these days that “daily” photo seems to have turned into something much more delayed and curated. By sharing my annual photo-a-day challenge, I want to encourage you to look at the world around you a little differently to normal, by hunting out things that might fit with each given theme.

Splodz Blogzg Daily Photo Challenge February 2020 #SplodzDPC

The Splodz Blogz Daily Photo Challenge

Each day during February, take a photo that is somehow linked to the given prompt, and share it on your favourite social media using #SplodzDPC. As it’s a leap year, I’ve got 29 photo prompts for you here.

Interpret the given theme each day any way you choose, I’m sure you can find a way to make it fit the life you happen to be living that day. It’ll be interesting to see how we each interpret the themes differently (or the same!).

Ideally your photograph should be taken on the day listed, but this isn’t a set rule (as the whole thing is just for fun anyway!), so please share old photos if you like. Don’t worry if you can’t take part every day, you can dip in and out as you wish.

The idea is that you use these daily prompts to observe the world around you a little differently. If the themes provide you with an excuse to get outside for a bit each day (you know, get your One Hour Outside), then that’s wonderful, if you’re already outdoors, then that’s amazing – but if you’re stuck inside for whatever reason, then I’m sure you can also find a photographic subject that works.

Themes for February 2019

A few of you requested the themes in text last year so they are easy to copy to your online notebooks – so here are your Splodz Blogz Daily Photo Challenge themes for the 29 days of February:

  1. This is Me
  2. One Hour Outside  
  3. Trio
  4. The Smallest
  5. Refuse, Reuse, Recycle
  6. One O’clock
  7. I Like to Move It, Move It
  8. Water, Water Everywhere
  9. On Wheels
  10. What I’m Eating
  11. Always with Me
  12. All the Colours
  13. It’s Cold Outside
  14. Two’s Company
  15. In the Woods
  16. Around the Block
  17. Looking Down
  18. Picnic Lunch
  19. From Where I Stand
  20. Normality 
  21. Comfy and Cosy
  22. As High as the Sky
  23. Stairway to Heaven
  24. All Day Long
  25. Pancake Day
  26. Giving Up
  27. Dancing Shoes
  28. Blowing in the Wind  
  29. Sunset
Splodz Blogzg Daily Photo Challenge February 2020 #SplodzDPC

How to Take Part

Make sure you’re following me on twitterinstagram and/or facebook and then either retweet, repost or share the theme image with your friends. It would be great to have a whole community of daily photo challenge participants for the Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge this February.

Every day, take a look at the theme and take a photograph with that in mind. Share it on your favourite social media (or on your blog, if you like) using #SplodzDPC.

Using the hashtag means I and others taking part can find your photographs and see what you’ve been taking – please share the love by commenting on or liking photos that others taking part are sharing. These links should help:

#SplodzDPC on twitter | #SplodzDPC on Instagram.

And that’s it. It couldn’t be simpler. See you every day in February…

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    • Splodz

      I’m glad you’re up for it again this year – I do enjoy seeing what other people share for each theme 🙂

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