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It’s Sunday evening and time for another episode of my weekly blog series. And I’m afraid it’s going to be a rather short one this week; I’ve just don’t think I’ve got much to share or that warrants putting out into the world. I mean, I could spend a few paragraphs reminiscing on when we were allowed to do interesting things like travel or meet friends, but I have done a lot of that recently, and it’s all getting a bit samey.

Splodz Blogz | The Weekly Blog Episode 53

I have, of course, been working, which takes up a chunk of time and energy. I’ve also been cooking and eating decent enough food, including my favourite mushroom soup and a fabulous fish pie. I’ve made some time for writing, mainly in that pre-work time I spoke about in my last weekly blog episode, working on some posts other than my weekly blog posts to publish, which does make me feel happy. And I’ve been out for my daily permitted outdoor exercise in the form of walks around the village, although I’m nowhere near the recommended 10,000 steps a day, not even close.

My Bucket List

One thing I have been doing is giving a lot of thought to my bucket list. If you’ve been following me or my blog for any length of time knows that I’ve had an ever growing bucket list for many years – at least 15 years or more. My bucket list (which you can read here but it needs a bit of work, it’s bit out of date) is a bit of an ever growing monster, and contains 100s of things I hope to experience in life, from the big traditional adventures including touching the North Pole and road tripping New Zealand, to the smaller, simpler, slightly easier to achieve experiences such as fly a hovercraft and hike the UK Coast to Coast. It’s not all adventures, some of it is more educational (I really want to learn Spanish), or personal (I want to play my trombone in a famous concert hall). And, of course, everything else you can think of.

But yes, I’ve been giving this bucket list some real thought this last week. In terms of reminiscing about the things I have already been able to tick off it, such as visit Yellowstone National Park, hike the West Highland Way, and learn to ride my motorbike off road. And also in terms of the things I was hoping I’d tick off in 2020 and hope to achieve in the not to distant future. I wonder if we’ll get lucky and be able to go on that Iceland motorcycle trip this summer? Who knows?!

I think it’s the lack of travel opportunities talking, really, as it started when I got upset because I started to feel like I’d “lost” a year, and am expecting to lose a second year, to do the things I really want to do in life. Which means this isn’t a helpful rabbit hole to fall down as there is absolutely nothing I can do about the cause of the problem, I can’t fix the pandemic, I have to live within this part of history the same as everyone else, and work on my life’s ambitions another day.

(Although if any of you have any sensible suggestions on useful ways for me to learn Spanish at home without spending a fortune I’d be very glad to hear them. I’d put myself in the complete beginner category, I managed to learn and use a tiny bit for our road trip in 2019, but that really was very basic indeed.)

That’s Entertainment

And so to drown out the pandemic blues this week, the main thing I’ve been doing is consuming visual entertainment. The new series of Big Pottery Throw Down started, which I’ve always enjoyed (trying my hand at making something on a potters’ wheel is another thing on that big bucket list), as did Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, which is every bit as entertaining as you can imagine. Both are very easy watching weekly shows that should keep my trash television viewing topped up for the next few weeks.

I also started Wanda Vision when it launched on Disney Plus this week. I admit I’m not sure about it yet, I can’t quite work out why Marvel have made it in this particular style. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it; I really did – it made me laugh, I loved the various nods to other Marvel stories and characters within it, and rather liked the canned laugher. It is just a bit, well, Bewitched. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next and how the story develops. Have you seen it yet? I’d love to know what you think.  


I think that’s just about it. I’m sorry this is such a short weekly blog, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I can’t write about the stuff between the adventures when there haven’t been any kind of adventure or indeed anything in-between said non-existent adventure to talk about…

You will at least get two blog posts this week because I’ve just about got those ready for you; the first will be my January 2021 Currently Loving post, and the second will feature six short hikes in the Cotswolds I have done that I recommend you do, too. But as far as my weekly blog goes, that’s it. See you next week!

Splodz Blogz | The Weekly Blog Episode 53

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  1. Shybiker

    I get it. We all feel like we’ve “lost a year.” And those of us inclined to travel lament that loss. Somehow we need to find a positive way to view this rough time. Maybe that will come in the future with perspective.

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