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For the last four weeks I’ve enjoyed my annual February photo challenge, motivating myself and encouraging you to look at the world a little differently to normal by hunting out scenes and sharing images that fit a given theme each day for a month.

Splodz Blogz Daily Photo Challenge February 2021

The idea is a very simple one. Each day during February, those who fancy it take a photo that is somehow linked to the given prompt, and share it on their favourite social media using #SplodzDPC. That’s 28 photos documenting February, giving those taking part a creative project for the month, as well as something to remind them of some of the moments they might otherwise forget.

In this post I want to share some of my favourite photos from the month-long photo challenge, both those I took and shared myself, and from some of the lovely people who took part. I just thought it would be a nice way to share a handful of my favourite images, and to demonstrate how people interpreted the themes to fit with the life they were living on that particular day.

Five #SplodzDPC Favourites from You

Day 11 | Counting Steps – Nicky Wallis

Mud and ice? Slippery when wet…

Day 16 | My Neighbourhood – Laura Wright

Just a normal street? No, a street with all those homes. I can feel the cosiness.

Day 23 | Vitamin D – Roddie Grant

Roddie shared a photo every day, always making me smile, but the colour coming through this window was particularly heart warming.

Day 27 | Urban Nature – The Urban Wanderer

I think Sarah, who helped me compile the themes for this year’s challenge back in January, had a bit of an advantage with this theme because it was so up her street. But just look, what an amazing capture.

Day 28 | Relaxing – Penelope Lemare on Instagram

Oh how I miss the sea. I could definitely feel myself relaxing in this beachside scene.


Five #SplodzDPC Favourites from Me

I can’t speak for the ones I chose that others shared, but I can certainly say that my favourite photo challenge images this year have been ones I took and shared on the right day. It’s not always possible to share immediately, but I did try and do that as much as possible. These are my five favourite photos from my own attempt at #SplodzDPC this year.

Day 06 | On My Doorstep

I might have failed at hunting for snowdrops towards the end of February (read Weekly Blog Episode 58), but I did enjoy the first signs of Spring at the start of the month.

Splodz Blogz | SplodzDPC Day 6 - On My Doorstep

Day 07 | Muddy Boots

A photo of muddy boots? Easy peasy! I admit that I’m rather looking forward to the mud drying out a bit now, but it was fun for a while.

Splodz Blogz | SplodzDPC Day 7 - Muddy Boots

Day 10 | Wood for the Trees

I really enjoy a woodland walk (see next photo…), but for my “Wood for the Trees” theme I chose to snap this just-planted woodland in my neighbourhood. I am so pleased to see hundreds of trees planted around here, I can’t wait to see them grow.

Splodz Blogz | SplodzDPC Day 10 - Wood for the Trees

Day 24 | My Kind of Fun

This was taken on the day I went snowdrop hunting. I might have missed out on those, but I did enjoy a glorious walk in very muddy woodland and played a lot of games of footpath or stream.,

Splodz Blogz | SplodzDPC Day 24 - My Kind of Fun

Day 26 | Happiness

February ended with some amazing Spring sunshine, and I was fortunate to have an opportunity to walk somewhere a little different for the “happiness” day.

Splodz Blogz | SplodzDPC Day 26 - Happiness

If you’d like to have a browse through the other images that were shared for this year’s Splodz Blogz Daily Photo Challenge, you’ll need these links:

#SplodzDPC on twitter | #SplodzDPC on Instagram.

Did you take part in the challenge this year? I’d love it if you could let me know which of the photos you took/shared is your favourite. Take a minute and let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone who took part, I hope you enjoyed it. Of course, the Splodz Blogz Daily Photo Challenge will return in February 2022… see you then!

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  1. Roddie Grant

    Thanks for organising this Zoe. It’s always a nice mixture of fun and head-scratching. I’ve concluded that my favourites from my photos all involve the outdoors. The River Avon on the 16th (My Neighbourhood), a tempting footpath on the 24th (My Kind of Fun), and the humpty-dumpty fields on the 25th (Ancient History). Sometimes living in the Midlands seems a long way from any real hills but these remind me that I’ve access to countryside (and mud, oh so much mud!) within a few minutes’ walk from home.

    • Splodz

      Thanks Roddie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenge and have some photographic memories you like 🙂

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