Is it just me, or is 2021 speeding by at a rate of knots that is uncomfortably fast? I must definitely be getting old, because I can’t keep up – episode 81 of my weekly blog already, I can remember writing episode one like it was yesterday.

Still, the nature of time is that it doesn’t slow down, however much you might want it to. And so here I am, sharing some more of my life here on Splodz Blogz. I hope you enjoy this little insight into my world…

Splodz Blogz | The Weekly Blog Episode 81

The Olympics is Over

Anyone else wondering what to do with themselves now the Olympics is over? What a fantastic display or sport and skill it was. I thoroughly enjoyed being drawn into the coverage, seeing people perform at their best – and not so best. It was motivating, inspiring, and entertaining.

I know the BBC coverage wasn’t as good this year as it has been before, with fewer sports being shown live, but I did enjoy what they were able to do with the rights they managed to contract from Discovery.

Now I’m very much looking forward to watching the Paralympics later in August.

The Journey to Iceland Begins… for the Bikes

At the backend of last week, we jumped on the bikes to deliver them to our sea freight agent over at Immingham. We don’t fly out to Reykjavik for another week or so, but the bikes are going by sea, to be there when we arrive.  

Our ride up was not the nicest. We hit traffic, of course, and got caught in a couple of very heavy rainstorms which are never fun on a bike. In better news, we found a lovely roadside café near Brigg with no-fuss good value food with great service; I’d highly recommend Jenny’s Café on the outskirts of Hibaldstow if you’re travelling through Lincolnshire anytime. It’s also a greengrocer if you need something for dinner.

Splodz Blogz | Tea at Jenny's Cafe

Handing over the bikes was a super quick affair. We quickly took our roll packs off, checked the paperwork, rode the bikes into a container, and called a taxi. That was it. It was probably a bit too rushed for my liking, I came away stressed that I didn’t do all the checks I was supposed to do, or left something on my bike I might need between now and when I next see it. But I’m sure it will all be okay, as long as the container doesn’t get tipped over at any point.

We can now be real geeks and keep track of the ship online. At the time of writing, it’s in port at Immingham… wish it a safe voyage for me!

In other Iceland news, our airport hotel and parking was cancelled this week, which is just wonderful at just over a week ahead. Apparently, our chosen hotel will now be a quarantine hotel for those arriving in England from red list countries… We’d booked with a third party company which turned out to be a good thing (after quite a bit of confusion) as they have now booked us into another hotel down the road and we’re all set again. Although it was certainly stress I could have done without.

In all honesty there have been so many curve balls thrown at us in preparing for this Iceland adventure I’m beginning to wonder whether someone is trying to tell us we shouldn’t be going. I’m sure that’s not true. I hope it’s not true! But you can see where I’m coming from after originally booking this trip back in 2018 for July 2019! Roll on next week when we’re safely in Reykjavik, with our bikes, heading off to explore. A few things left to do before then, but we’re nearly there.


A Fairy Tale Wedding

Jenni, my wonderful hiking buddy and great friend, was a real fairy in her woodland on Saturday. It was an honour to be invited to share with her and Dave as they celebrated their marriage, which naturally took place in their woodland.

It was such a perfect setting. I couldn’t imagine Jenni and Dave getting married anywhere else. They’d done so much work to create an area in their woodland to host their family and friends so we could all come along and join in the fun.

They both looked amazing, everyone did. Jenni was totally a fairy in her own woodland (I’ll not share photos here because she hasn’t done so yet), and all the guests came along in woodland and boho themed clothing; I’ve never seen so many flowery shirts in one place, it was fabulous!

And it was fun. And beautiful. The ceremony was just lovely, including a special part where they followed the traditional binding of the hands with the binding of an oak tree that stands in their woodland (seen in my weekly blog header image for this episode).

Splodz Blogz | The Weekly Blog Episode 81

This was followed by a cider toast, a Spanish tapas meal, games, a fabulous blues band (oh it was SO good to listen to live music again), chilli with all the toppings, and then a series of DJ sets including one by Jenni herself (of course – great choice of tracks Jenni!). Lots of guests stayed and camped overnight, and while we didn’t, I just love that was an option and I know that the party will have gone on until morning.

The biggest congratulations to Jenni and Dave on their wedding. The loveliest couple, I wish them continued happiness for years and years (and years) to come.

That’s Entertainment

After reading some of Philip Pullman’s comments over the last couple of days I’m afraid I probably shouldn’t be recommending you all download and read the His Dark Materials trilogy anymore (see my Currently Loving post for July). So how about I recommend a couple of hopefully more harmless TV series’ instead?!

Central Park, Apple TV

LincsGeek got a free subscription to Apple TV with his recent phone purchase, so I’ve been having a look to see what’s there. I spotted my cousin (check out Vodzilla.co if you’re looking for reviews and recommendations) recommend Central Park a few weeks ago, saying it was a cartoon musical, and I had to check that out. I’m now all caught up and waiting for new episodes each week, I’m hooked.

From the creators of Bob’s Burgers, one of my favourite teatime accompaniments, and the very talented Josh Gad (Olaf to my younger readers…), this animated musical comedy follows the Tillermans, a family who live in Central Park. Owen, the father, is the park manager, and Paige, his wife, is a struggling journalist. They raise their children, Molly and Cole, in the world’s most famous park, while fending off the baddie of the story, Bitsy Brandenham and her personal assistant Helen (my favourite character in the core cast).

Like all good musicals, we have a narrator in the form of park busker Birdie (voice of Josh Gad), who helps move things along being fully aware of the fourth wall. The show is completely sentimental and warm, with big musical numbers which you could easily imagine being performed on stage. This is a simple, feel-good show, that will make you laugh and have you humming.


Behind the Attraction, Disney Plus

Filing my love of documentaries at the moment is Behind the Attraction, a new short series on Disney Plus original which tells the stories of some of the most famous rides and attractions within the Disney empire.

I’ve just finished watching the third episode, which features the technology and stories behind Star Tours, a real old favourite. This simulator ride pushed brand new technology to its limit, and eventually lead to an entire new land being added into the parks – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As I finish this episode of my weekly blog, I’ve started watching story of my top Disney ride – Tower of Terror. I just love that ride. So good.

Yes, I know I’m a road trip loving motorcyclist, but I love me a Disney theme park every now and again, and I hope there will be an opportunity for me to ride Tower of Terror (and the rest) sometime in the not-too-distant future (hopefully before they turn the Florida version into something else). Maybe a Florida road trip that happens to include some camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort?!

Anyway, I digress. If you enjoy Disney theme parks, and are a bit geeky about technology or love to hear the stories behind your favourite attractions, this is a series worth watching.

Splodz Blogz | The Weekly Blog Episode 81
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