Day Three – Helston to Stafford

Today was a travelling day – we had a good number of miles to complete and the added incentive that rain was forecast to be moving across the country in the same direction as us. We vowed to stay ahead of the weather front… and managed it right until the last 30 minutes of our journey where we had a few spots land on us as we made our way to our destination here in Stafford.

To stay ahead of the weather we took the fast route for the first 200 miles courtesy of the A30 through Cornwall and Devon (after a ride around Truro and a far-too-good-shouldn’t-have-enjoyed-it-that-much McDonald’s breakfast) and M5 to Bristol. We said goodbye to Bradley before the junction with the M4 when he headed back home to London and we took the road in the opposite direction towards Wales. It was great to have him with us for the southerly leg of our journey.

We do like a good bridge and so hopped over the Severn Bridge (great to see that it’s free for motorbikes) and to Chepstow – well we couldn’t do the four compass points of mainland Great Britain without touching Wales could we? The bridge was incredibly windy and we heeded the notice asking bikers to be careful, but it was clear and so we did get great views of the hills and murky waters beneath us. We were in Wales for all of ten minutes before heading towards Gloucester.

It was there another biker joined us for a few miles – I love that biking is a community pastime; it’s ok to tag onto the back of a group of bikes and see where you end up. “Biker Bri” emailed to wish is a safe trip thanks to reading the blog details on the back of our hi vis vests – so hi Brian, thanks for joining us for a while and for the email. And just up the road from there, at one of our very regular fuel stops (we’re going through many litres!), a gentleman came over and gave us a donation. Thanks!!!

After 200 miles on fast duel carriageways and another 100+ miles on winding roads through the Malvern hills and up here to Stafford it is fair to say we’re all feeling it this evening. The aches have started and we are tired. But it is worth it; not only for the opportunity to ride through some stunning scenery, but also to raise money for these two cancer charities in memory of Graham. Please keep the donations coming using the link over on the right of the page, it really makes a difference.

Mileage so far – 884 (317.8 today)
Compass points visited – 2/4


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