Day Four – Stafford to East Kilbride

Today we spent most of the day cloud spotting – rain clouds that is. Lots of rain clouds with plenty of rain falling from them.

We knew we’d get wet at some point this week; it was inevitable because it’s a motorbike trip and therefore has to rain at some point.

Thankfully the rain wasn’t actually that heavy, it could have been worse, but the fact that it was relentless meant we gradually got more and more wet. Wet through. Ask Paul and Allister…! We rang out our gloves several times during the day but I think we all got away with dry toes. It made us all very tired and even a little bit grumpy if we’re honest. But right now we’re sat warm and dry in a carvery having filled our bellies with meat and vegetables, so all is well.

We blame the rain completely for our very slow start today. We headed from Stafford over towards Buxton (where a kind gentleman gave us a donation while we had breakfast at Morrisons – thanks) and then Holmfirth to Skipton, and the views were often clouds. I wish we’d have taken a photo or two to show you the nothingness that we could see from the two summits we climbed, it was quite eerie, and a shame we couldn’t see the scenery, but we can’t have everything.

Once we reached Kirkby Lonsdale we took to the motorway and made some progress north, having decided Hartside Pass was a no-go today. It took a while but we made it to Glasgow and we’re all ok.

Mileage so far – 1181.4 (297.4 today)
Compass points visited – 2/4

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