Pedometer Challenge

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This week at work has been designated “Healthy Campus Week”, with lots of stuff going on to encourage staff to be more active as well as eat better etc.

Later today I’m gonna play netball, then on Wednesday I’m gonna go to a Tai Chi worship coz I’ve always wanted to try it.  I’m also taking past in the Pedometer Challenge.

Basically the challenge is to reach a target of 50,000 steps during this week (1st to 7th March), which is just below the recommended 10,000 daily amount for optimum health.  I have registered and have my daily log sheet on standby for my total at the end of each day.  Everyone who reaches the 50,000 will be entered into a prize draw, which is of course my motivation!

And with each 2,000 equalling approximately 1 mile this challenge should help me walk at least 25 miles this week… nearly a marathon!!

Pedometer Challenge
Pedometer Challenge

I’ve been wearing the provided pedometer since just after 8am and have done 842 steps so far (it’s just after 10am, so two hours!).  A long way to go to 50,000 steps!

PS – I’m still keeping my Food Diary up to date. This weekend has been a bit bad but I don’t think I’m doing too bad. Take a look using the link on the right.

  1. Bec

    Ha Ha. Enjoy your pedometer challenge. I used one for a couple of weeks at the end of last year. I actually found it very interesting, especially to see how many/ how few steps I’d taken on my ‘lazy’ days.

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