Pedometer Challenge – Day 7

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That’s it, the challenge is over! And it’s a good job as my pedometer pretty much fell apart and is badly held together with lots of sticky tape!

After a week of counting my steps I have absolutely completed the challenge and am very pleased. I have found that it’s made me really motivated to move around more than normal, especially in the evenings when I would walk/jog on the spot while I was cooking the dinner, tidying up or putting the washing on the airer.

  • Day 1 – Monday – 14,022
  • Day 2 – Tuesday – 9,443
  • Day 3 – Wednesday – 10,320
  • Day 4 – Thursday – 10,363
  • Day 5 – Friday – 10,897
  • Day 6 – Saturday – 7,550
  • Day 7 – Sunday – 13,732

Final Total: 76,327

Pedometer Challenge Complete
Pedometer Challenge Complete

So that’s it – the challenge work set me of 50,000 steps between 1st and 7th March is well and truley completed. I averaged just over 10,900 steps each day and have walked (assuming my steps are average size) approximately 38 miles.  That’s a long way!  I wonder how many of those were additional to what I would have done without the pedometer?!

If you are wanting to kick start some fitness I would definitely recommend getting yourself a pedometer and aim for the 10,000 steps a day recommended for optimum health. You’ll be surprised how many steps you take just doing your normal day to day activities, and how quickly you will become addicted to walking on the spot to up your count each day. Worth a go!

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