mypure Review – Alva Foot Lotion

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This month I’ve been testing three products from mypure, all Alva… this review is for the Alva Foot Lotion.

Alva Foot Lotion

£10.25 for 100ml

When I chose this foot lotion to review this month, I was thinking it would be a creamy thick lotion that would sort out my dry and cracked feet.  Well it’s not that, but what it is I like very much.

Alva Foot Lotion is a light, thin cream that rubs into your feet easily – you don’t need much as it goes a long way.  It has a slightly medicated (as in pepperminty, or antiseptic) smell to it, although I know there is nothing but natural ingredients in it, and makes the feet tingle as you rub it in.  It’s the manuka oil and other all-natural essential oils doing their work on my tired feet, looking after my skin and helping to sort any problem areas.

Alva Foot Lotion

I especially liked using this lotion after running.  Apart from the action of rubbing my feet stimulating the blood flow (I think the circulation in my feet must be a bit rubbish coz they’re always cold and after exercise I often get pins and needles), the cream felt like it was doing some sort of healing – making my feet feel fresh and ready to walk me around for the rest of the day.

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