Year in Photos (3 Apr 11)

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So today was the Lincoln 10k, and those of you who follow my blog will know that a) this is my fifth time running it and b) I was wanting to get under 60 minutes, but some recent training issues (mainly involving my lack of will power) means that instead I was just going for a PB.

Well I didn’t manage a complete PB but I did get a season’s best… my chip time was 69:52.  I really struggled, and now I feel very old because my legs, especially my ankles, really hurt!  But I did it, and the time isn’t too bad.  A friend suggested I saw this as a good starting point for the British 10k in July – seems a very sensible way of looking at things.  I’d better keep running then hadn’t I?!

Sunday 3rd April 2011
Sunday 3rd April 2011

03/04/11: My Lincoln 10k finishers medal (on my foil blanket)

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