Year in Photos (28 Apr 11)

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Tomorrow is the big day the country has been waiting for… While I’ll probably end up watching the wedding (wanna see the dress!!), we’re not having a street party here to celebrate. We are having a family get-together though – so this afternoon I went to Tesco to stock up on vital supplies. And of course the rest of the town was doing the same thing. But I can’t understand why I had to make a trip to another supermarket to buy marscarpone because Tesco had run out – is everyone else making cheesecake this weekend?!


28/04/11: The elusive ingredient… Hope my guests tomorrow appreciate the cheesecake

  1. Splodz

    It’s in the fridge setting away – I’ll post the recipe over the weekend, it’s a fav of mine – very fattening 🙂

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