I love this time of year. It has so much potential for adventure at home and away – it’s warm (ish!), dry (ish), and just feels like there is more time in the day to spend at least some of … Continued

Cake Through Your Letterbox

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Recently I received an email titled “Cake Review Opportunity” that said: “[we] send personalised cakes for any occasion through your letter box”. You do what? Cake through my letterbox? Don’t be silly. Not actually pushed through the letterbox. It would … Continued

Shloer Summer Fruit Punch

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It’s Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow. What should we all be doing? Having a barbecue! Gardens all over the country will be filled with the scent of lighter fliud, tomato ketchup, pringles and overcooked sausages… and that’s whatever the weather! It’s … Continued