Global Corporate Challenge – Walk the World

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Starting today, and over the next 16 weeks, six colleages and I are attempting to walk around the world.

We are are taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), which is a world-wide company challenge that aims to improve the activity levels of workers and therefore also our health and well being at work and home.

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From now until early September I will be wearing a pedometer and recording my step count everyday on the GCC website.  The aim is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day – which is the number doctors recommend we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle (that’s maintain, not improve, ok then!).  We can also convert other forms of exercise such as cycling and swiming into steps to add to our total too (based on the ratios given by GCC).  I hope to achieve over 10k a day to help give our team a chance at a decent ranking out of the 17,747 teams taking part across the world.

The GCC is simply the most enjoyable and effective way to create a more dynamic, healthy and productive workplace.

It is the only scientifically backed and independently researched event of its sort in the world and our 8 years of knowledge has been honed to create a program that does more than just entertain – it changes peoples behaviour.

It’s effectiveness in increasing workforce health, organisational productivity, staff morale and teamwork is proven through the independent research. This long term and extensive research has been carried out by some of the world’s leading universities, medical research facilities, government departments and disease prevention centres in the world and is all available here.

It feels good being a part of something that is global – there are people all over the place with the same rucksack and cap that I have with the same goal – but also something that will help motivate me to exercise not just more, but daily.  And of course I’ve got the British 10k in the middle of this time too, so I’m hoping it’ll help me get off my bum and training again for that.

We start (shame it’s just virtually) in Milford Sound, New Zealand, and at the end of each day the GCC website gives us our new location, as well as some information about that place.  As far as I understand no team has ever made it all the way back to New Zealand yet…!

Global Corporate Challenge

Last year the team that won overall walked a staggering 35,521 steps PER DAY for the 16 weeks.  Yes… that’s their PER DAY average, working out at nearly 18 miles every day!!!!  In our organisation last year the winning team managed an average of 13,270 steps per day each, which is more likely!  I’ll keep you posted on our ranking as the weeks go by.

Oh, and if anyone can remind me to wear my pedometer each day before I leave for work that would be just perfect!!!

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