Olympic Success? Did you get tickets?

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Well we’re told that if you’ve been successful in getting tickets for the Olympics the money will have been taken from your account by now.

London 2012And I got………… no tickets.

I’m quite disappointed I have to say!  I only went for three events (that was all I could afford – it still came to £150) and only wanted one ticket for each event, but nope, nothing for Splodz.

Did you get tickets?  If you’ve had money taken apparently you’ll find out which tickets you’ve actually been allocated by 24th June.

I guess I’ll have to either see if I can win tickets or just stick to watching everything on the telly.  Such a shame I was really hoping to see at least one event live to soak up the atmosphere of an Olympic games.  Anyone want a blogger there?

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  1. Andrea

    Aww, what a shame. I didn’t apply for any but I know my sister applied to take her kids to the basketball. My eldest neice is basketball mad. Haven’t heard yet whether she’s been lucky.
    Here’s hoping someone’s reading who wants a bloggers view! 🙂

  2. Rod

    Fortunately money has been taken from our account which means we have got the dressage and SJ tickets we applied for. I was alos lucky to win some tickets from the recent Visa comp which have turned out to be for Boxing 🙂
    Lots of luck in trying to win some!

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