Bakestone Baked Treats

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Bakestone is a baker of “the most scrumptious baked treats imaginable”.  Created by Manchester born baker Howard Hunter, who has been making and distributing bread for over 30 years and still operates a family run company, Bakestone has two main bakeries in Manchester and Liverpool.  They say they’re always hard at work making and delivering traditional tasty bread, cakes and morning goods to bakeries and convenience stores.

Bakestone products are made using only the best ingredients and come in a wide range of products in white, brown, wholemeal and fruited varieties to satisfy every taste.   Everything made under the Bakestone label comes with a guarantee of quality, good value and only the finest bread for your dough!   For the most scrumptious variety of traditional baked treats look no further than Bakestone’s tasty range of wholesome bread, rolls, potato cakes, scones, lush fruitfuls, barms and oven bottom muffins.

Oh and Bakestone kindly sent Splodz Blogz a selection of the Northern baked treats to try… aren’t I a lucky blogger?!

Sliced Wholemeal Bread

Bakestone Sliced Wholemeal Bread

Bakestone Sliced Wholemeal BreadBread is bread isn’t it?  Well no.  Actually I do choose a premium brand when it comes to bread – supermarket own brand just doesn’t last long enough (we don’t eat masses of bread at home, there’s only two of us) and it’s too small and slimy.  I like a bread that can take a good amount of filling, without being too thick (I’m a medium sliced kind of gal).  And Bakestone have got that here.  The sliced bread, which came in a “long loaf” so you get more bread for your money, made a very good cheese and tomato ketchup sandwich, and was perfect when toasted.  Wholemeal is my normal choice and this was a very good loaf. (£1.25/loaf)

Oven Bottom Muffins

Bakestone Oven Bottom Muffins

Bakestone Oven Bottom MuffinsMuffins have to be toasted.  There is no doubt about that.  And one Friday lunch time I decided the best way to test these was to make myself a fishfinger sandwhich.  I toasted the muffins under the grill – they only take a minute.  And oh they make a decent sandwich (you’ll think I’m addicted to ketchup – I promise I didn’t put it on all of the products I was sent!)!

I love muffins, they’re a great alternative to a normal bread roll at barbecues – just slice it and stick it over the coals for a minute before surrounding your burger with it. (£0.49/4)

Fruited Scones

Bakestone Fruited Scones

Scones from shops where they’ve sat on the shelf can be a little dry.  Or they can go the other way and be a bit slimy.  Either way home made is almost certainly the best option.

However these Bakestone fruited scones were just about there – they didn’t taste like they’d been packaged a few days previously.  They were even uneven in shape (even uneven, I need a thesaurus!).  Okay so perhaps not quite as good as home made (well, far superior to MY attempts at home made scones, but not quite as good as someone with baking talent!!) but very nearly there and definitely my favourite product of all those tested.  Perfect with butter and jam, I could just imagine sitting overlooking the sea with a pot of jam and another of clotted cream… I’ll be buying these again. (£1.10/4)

Potato Cakes

Bakestone Potato Cakes

I haven’t had potato cake for years!  If you’ve never tried any then here’s your chance – get some of these in and next time you have a fried breakfast or brunch, have these instead of fried bread.  It’s simple – split them up into their four quarters and fry them in a little oil (or butter, which is nicer but not as good for you!) until the edges go crispy.  Serve with bacon, eggs, mushrooms (and tomato ketchup!) and enjoy. (£0.89/4)

Bakestone Potato Cakes


Finally, I tried the lush fruitfuls, which are a Northern classic not dissimilar to teacakes.  A fruited bread in a bread roll shape, these are great either as they are with a little butter on, or toasted with butter or butter and jam.  And I’m ashamed to say these were eaten so quick there is no photograph – oops! (£0.75/3)

If you’ve not tried Bakestone products then I can recommend that you give them a try.  They are tasty and great value, and often available from your local corner shop.

To interact with Bakestone online you can like the Bakestone Bread facebook page or follow them on twitter.  To learn more about the company visit their website.

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