Sour Pastilles

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Following my review of Guzzle Puzzle a friend asked if I’d tried the new Sour Pastilles from Rowntrees. No, but I have now!

Rowntrees Sour Pastilles

These are basically traditional fruit pastilles but with sour fruit flavour instead of sweet fruit flavour.  And they’re not bad – they are sour, but not so much you’ll disintegrate the inside of your mouth, you can happily give these to your granny (maybe!).  They are still incredibly chewy like fruit pastilles (the challenge of course not to chew) and covered in a lot of sugar – which has also been soured.  The flavour is really good – you still get the fruitiness, but there is that tang that I really love with sour sweets.

Rowntrees Sour Pastilles

Rowntrees Sour Pastilles

You can get them in the individual bags or the big sharing bags and the packets say they are 84 calories per seven sweets.  You’re not going to eat just seven sweets of course – the little bags contain about double that, and the big bags, well many more!  Why do food manufacturers put stupid calorie counts on packaging?  Just tell us what’s in the whole bag!

They could be more sour for my taste but they do work.  If you like pastilles and sour flavours then I would say give these a try. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. Molly

    Love your photos, they look so inviting! I love sour sweets (popping some Skittles sours into my mouth as I type!) and was looking forward to trying these but my word – how chewy are they? I thought I would not get through half a packet without some teeth being drawn out. I loved the flavour, but decided I’d have to leave these to those with stronger teeth and jaws than me. Happy chewing!

  2. Corrine shimmon

    I haven’t tried them, but just wanted to say, I rarely eat a whole pack that size in one go- same for things like mars bars etc- I usually only have a third/half at once, so the calorie counts make sense to me. If it tells you the whole pack, then you have to empty the whole thing and count how many sweets there are in order to work put the calories, but giving it by sweet is much easier either way as you don’t need to count them.

  3. Jade

    Now that you have tried them I can finally tell you my opinion!

    I was really disappointed in them. I love Fruit Pastilles (quite possibly my favourite sweets!) and I love sour things, so I thought I would absolutely love them. But they just weren’t that sour in my opinion. There needed to be a little more kick.

    Also, they were just too chewy. It didn’t feel like they were Fruit Pastilles at all as I could barely get my teeth through them! They’re alot easier to make last in your mouth!

    On the plus side I thought that the amount of sweets in the standard bag was very generous. There were more than enough in there for me.

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