Branston Peanuts & Crackers

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Like cheese and pickle?

Branston Pickle is apparently the nation’s favourite sandwich pickle (according to the marketing blurb).  I can’t give you the figures, but I know we always have a jar of it in the fridge.  It is ideal for a cheese sandwich, or with crackers, giving a tangy and sweet moisture to lunch or supper.

This new snack is an ode to the cheese and pickle flavour.  Branston pickle coated peanuts and cheddar crackers.

Branston Pickle Peanuts and Crackers

The roasted peanuts are covered with branston pickle flavouring which comes through really well, in fact the flavour has really penetrated the nuts.  And the little crackers are cheesy, light and crunchy.  Together the flavours and textures work really well to make a lovely savoury snack that I would happily serve pre-dinner or alongside a cold buffet tea.

Branston Pickle Peanuts and Crackers

My other half said they need more pickle, but I’m quite happy with the strength of the flavour, I wouldn’t want them any stronger.

They come in 90g bags with a (massive) 524 calories/100g – you don’t want to be eating a bag of these to yourself in one go!   Tesco are selling the bags for £1.49 each and Julian Graves have them for £1.35.

  1. Wend

    I Love peanuts. How can you think of killing them with pickle. I baulk if I open a pickle jar! Sorry Branston but they’re not for me!

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