Hotel Chocolat Christmas Wreath Competition

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This competition has now closed. Any comments received before 8pm on 14th November have been included in the draw – the winner will be announced soon.

That’s right – I’m giving away The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat – the subject of my latest review.

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

“The crunch of caramelised hazelnuts and cookie pieces, with colourful flashes of succulent cranberries, all stirred into our mellow 40% milk chocolate and a little 70% dark chocolate to add even deeper chocolaty notes.”

Yum yum!

To win this gorgeous slab of festive chocolate, you simply need to comment on this post (using the comment box below) with the answer to this question:

Which item from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range you would most like to receive this year and why?

You can see the full Hotel Chocolat Christmas range on their website – go and have a look and pick your favourite.

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

Make sure you enter by 8pm on Monday 14th November for your comment to count, and take a note of the rules below.

The Rules

  • This competition is open to the UK only.
  • The competition closes at 8pm on Monday 14th November.
  • Entry is by commenting on this post.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address in the box provided (will not be published).
  • You can only enter once. If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!)
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The winner will be contacted by email and their details will be given to Hotel Chocolat’s PR to allow delivery of the prize. Details will not be used for any other purpose.
  • The prize is The Christmas Wreath as described on the website.  If this is not available then the winner will receive something of equal value.
  • The winner must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz and Hotel Chocolat within two days or I reserve the right to re-draw.
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do (go on… you know you want to!)!
  • Oh… and my decision is final (I like saying that!).

222 Responses

  1. Keziah It would definitely have to be this Yule Log!! I mean, chocolate, hazelnut and ginger all in one? Heaven really 🙂 It really does include all of my favorite flavors at the same time. I had never heard of Hotel Chocolat before now, but I am really thinking about Christmas present shopping from them! Hope you enjoyed eating yours Zoe!

  2. ashleigh

    i like the alternative mince pies – like normal mince pies but these look even better

  3. Nell Westwood

    I’d love the Dark Christmas Basket beacause HC’s dark chocolate is full of rich flavours. There’d be lots to share around, but I’d bagsy the Reindeer Chocolatw Lolly!

  4. rachael brook

    I love hotel chocolat so it is really hard to pick just one item, however I do love the Tiddly Milk Chocolate Reindeer for their cuteness factor.

  5. sarah barham

    i would love the truffle advent calender, a little bit of yummyness every day xxx

  6. Rebecca

    I choose Christmas Winter Desserts in full support of (what I hope is) a decision to turn all foodstuffs into chocolate. Chocolate apple strudel? Genius

  7. toni austin

    This would be amazing to win, and maybe possibly i would be kind enough to share it with my husband and my 4 boys!!!! Then again maybe not! Hotel Chocolat is the nicest shop, the staff are always really good and the products are stunning

  8. julie

    The Rather Large Cracker sounds lovely, very festive and lots of fabulous chocolates.

  9. Joanne Lyles

    I love the Tiddly snowmen… I there are so adorable, yummy and I can sahre them around.

  10. Sarah Laycock

    The Classic Christmas Basket looks divine and what appeals is that it has something for absolutely everyone – the liquid chocolat though is reserved exclusively for me!

  11. Emma Holness

    I’d love to get a truffle advent calendar for christmas (well before christmas) although it’d take alot of self control not to eat the entire calander in one day.

  12. Becky Inman

    I would love the Cookie Choc Chip slab (well any of the slabs really) they are delicious!

  13. Linda Graham

    I would like the Happy Family Christmas Hamper then I could share with friends and family and tell them how good Hotel Chocolat really is!

  14. cheekychicken24

    I think I’d ask for the set of Ten Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations – it reminds me of being little, we always had shiny foil wrapped choccies on the tree – haven’t had any myself because of Buffy, but these are in their own individual box, and look fairly dog-proof!

  15. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’d love the Captivating Advent Calendar – one yummy Hotel Chocolat choccie a day – oh yes!

  16. Jenny Eaves

    That wreath looks yummy – great gift! I would most like to be given the alternative mince pies – they look great and will I’m sure they will be delicious! 🙂 x

  17. debbie1957uk

    I would like the Dark Brazils beacause i love dark chocolate and i will be getting one of my five a day

  18. Maxine

    I also like the look of the Truffles to Share Advent Calendar (although I’m not sure I’d always be sharing if I was first up!)

  19. Nicky

    The christmas wreath looks so yummy I’d have to say that was my choice! mmmmmm now I’m craving it 😉

  20. lisa B

    I’d love to get the full size wreath (hence entering this competition!) as I had the mini one last year and it was the best thing ever!!!

  21. Georgina Ball

    The Tiddly Caramel Chocolate Penguins because they’re so cute. Not sure I’d have the heart to eat them!

  22. Tim Bain

    the truffle advent calendar would be a brilliant for my granson ..put a little magic in his xmas 🙂

  23. Caroline Ashton

    I’d love the Christmas Bliss Gift Bag:

    Just like it’s name – it sounds absolute bliss! Even better, it has my favourite kind of ‘worst’ decision making – which chocolate to have first! There’s that many in there (the reindeer, the wreath, etc) it will be a tough choice. It’s also the perfect size – enough in to last a while, but not too many that you feel guilty about what you’ve eaten!

  24. cecelia allen (cistolic)

    I would love the Chocolate Yule Log with Chilli & Orange. Thanks for the lovely comp too x

  25. Tracy K Nixon

    I love the Christmas Table Crackers – I would buy one for each family member to put on the Christmas table for when we have our Turkey Dinner. We always start our dinner off with a pull of a cracker each so we can wear the hat! Then we raise our glasses, have a toast, then pull some party poppers!!!! It is tradition for our family!

    These crackers would be a real treat as they contain gorgeous Christmas shaped chocolates!!!

  26. Alison Sperry

    Without a doubt, The Ultimate Christmas Hamper. £200 of fattening delights. I want it!

  27. sharon griffin

    i would love to have the festive fun pick me up gift as it is filled with all my favourite things, white chocolate and shortbread and it would take me back to my childhood when i used to get little novelty chocolates in my stocking xx

  28. julie mcdonald

    i would love the mini christmas crackers,i think they would be lovely to have on the table of my christmas eve party

  29. hakucygnus

    The Dark Chocolate Christmas Basket – I adore dark chocolate, and the thought of receiving a basket with various flavours in this range (like ginger and hazelnut) sounds like an ideal treat for the winter season. More importantly, who wouldn’t want to have a basket of chocolate?

  30. Angela Webster

    I love ‘Christmas At Santa’s House’, the lttle chocolate characters inside are so cute 🙂


  31. Lemknip Pink

    I’d love anything from the Hotel Chocolate range but I especially love their chilli nibs (and bonus … nobody else in my house likes them so they’d be all mine!)

  32. Jayne Hyman

    It would have to be the Christmas Cuisine Gift Pack – the idea of chocolate for main course AND dessert is heavenly, plus I could add extra Christmas magic by making the port “magically” disappear right before everyone’s eyes…*hic*…

  33. Lux

    I’d love the Ultimate Christmas Hamper, because I’m greedy like that. I’d share of course!

  34. Anne E

    I love everything from Hotel Chocolat! The mince pies look yummy great as an alternative to the traditional variety!

  35. Martina

    The Signature Cabinet – looks amazing and would probably last for ages…

  36. vaelrie mccarthy

    The chocolate wreath sounds so delicious.mmmmmm. Reading what you wrote above makes me want it now with my coffee. LOL! The Ultimate Christmas Hamper would be the best gift for me because it is afilled with choco heaven and I could try all all kinds of different chocolate delights.

  37. Margaret Farmer

    The Ultimate Christmas Hamper to share with my friends and family when they visit

  38. Karen Stubbington

    Mmmmmm that looks so yummy!

    I love the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range & would most like to try the ‘Alternative Mince Pies’! I don’t like normal mince pies, so they would be a lovely treat!! Plus, we could leave one out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve!!! (I’m sure he would be very grateful!)

    Karen x

  39. bluehook (@bluehook)

    Has to be The Signature Cabinet – it just looks so beautifully designed, every piece a work of art in itself, the whole thing is just a treat for the senses

  40. Carolyn Philip

    I would have the Ultimate Christmas Hamper because there is enough in it for everyone to share (and for me to sneak away my favourite bits before they get seen!)

  41. Isobelle Forde

    I would love the Signature Cabinet, it is decadent and luxurious and I wont mind sharing it as it looks huge, no chance of anybody taking the best one before me! 🙂

  42. Donna Gilligan

    I’d love the winter desserts, just because they all sound gorgeous

  43. trefor davies

    I’d like the Ultimate Christmas Hamper because, to be perfectly honest, it’s the most expensive 🙂

    I did get given a large Hotel Chocolat cracker once by a supplier which I gave to my Mum 🙂

  44. jane hunter

    my choice would have to be the cracker as the family could get involved and the sramble for the chocolate would be hilarious. merry christmas when it comes every one xx

  45. Emma Howard

    I’d love to have one of their Christmas Table Crackers this Christmas Day. It would make a great change from the usual cheap toy, dodgy joke and paper hat!

  46. Amber R

    I love the idea of the alternative Mince Pies. I love the idea of anything Christmassy, so I wish I liked mince pies, but I just hate the taste. These would let me join in with the mince pie fun, but are filled with things I love to eat – praline and salted caramel.

  47. greig spencer

    luxury christmas crackers, would be a great addition to my tabel at xmas lol

  48. Amanda Richardson

    Christmas Wreath would be my choice with all the extra bits of fruit and nuts. yum yum yes please!!

  49. Jane Morfett

    I like the Ultimate Milk Advent Calendar because I could enjoy a chocolate every day

  50. Addy knight

    My little boy would love the advent calendar, a piece of chocolate everyday leading up to christmas 🙂

  51. Fran Light

    I would most like to receive the ‘Rather Large Cracker’ because it combines two of my favourite things (quality chocolate and Christmas crackers) in one beautiful bundle 🙂

  52. Robyn Clarke

    The alternative mince pies, they look divine! I’m such a chocoholic that I’d probably have one with my coffee on Christmas morning

  53. linda thorn

    Love all your chocolate,
    as whenever I see your chocolate,
    I feel I am in a dream
    chocolate made up with many swirls,
    A full bodied chocolate,
    Or a cream

  54. Christopher Barry

    Cookie Choc Chip Giant Slab looks delicious.. But the wreath is actually my favourite thing to get this year. I’d hang it up.. in my stomach!

  55. hayley f

    i would love the Alternative Mince Pies as they look way more tasty than normal ones. A girl can never have enough choccie x

  56. maisietoo

    I’d love Alternative Mince Pies as I don’t like the regular ones. Delicious chocolate ones sound like a dream!

  57. Sarah

    I’d like the Christmas Goody Bag. It looks like it has a great selection in it. I’d love ANYTHING from Hotel Chocolat though – I’m easy to please!

  58. Deborah Wheeler

    Would love to win the tiddly reindeer they look fun and I’d like to put them on my Christmas table for after dinnet

  59. Louise R

    Cheese Tasting Experience because it looks genuinely different and intrigues me

  60. Amy C

    I would most like to receive the ultimate christmas hamper because it would be amazing!

  61. Suzanne

    Wreath looks fantastic, if I could choose anything it would be the dark chocolate hamper. I love dark chocolate and that would be my heaven!

  62. Sarah Ballantyne

    Mmmm, I’d love to find Frosty the Snowman in my stocking. White chocolate and berries is a fantastic combination.

  63. Nicole Smith

    What a lush collection!! There was me wondering what to get my grandad for Christmas… looking at this site I have far too much to choose from now!! I think It would have to be the Turkish Delight… It looks very lush and would make a great pressie!!

  64. Patricia Edwards

    Even though there are some lovely, scrumptious chocolate items on your site, I would actually go for the turkish delight, as I’m the only one who likes it and it would be all mine!!

  65. katherine grieve

    The Ultimate Christmas Hamper for me! I dont think i need to post an explanation! just look at it!!!!!!!

  66. tgroom57

    The Classic Christmas Selection, with or without Alcohol looks scrumptious. And the Mulled Wine Cherries in my stocking please- I must have something sweet and luscious Christmas morning!

  67. ali thorpe

    I would love to receive a huge bag of the Florentine Isabelles in either milk or dark chocolate.They contain hazelnut praline (my absolute favourite) and are topped with honey and almonds! I don’t think Hotel Chocolat can create anything to improve on these. They are, in my humble opinion, chocolate perfection!

  68. Andrea Caizley

    the tiddly caramel penguins are my favourites. they look fab.


  69. Kate Pollard

    I’d love the win the Christmas Goody Bag – lots of little bits of Christmas all wrapped up together and perfectly bite sized! Nom nom :o)

  70. Victoria Smith

    Gorgeous stuff but I would love to receive the Classic Christmas Basket so I could share it with my family on Christmas Day x

  71. Herbs

    I would like to get my teeth into a Chocolate Christmas Wreath; reading the description, it sounds the most Christmas inspired of them all. I just love all those extra nutty and berry tastes that Christmas brings to food.

  72. Sue McCarthy

    The Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Giant Slab because it looks & sounds interesting!

  73. Karen

    I’d love the alternative mince pies, for all the people who don’t like mince pies

  74. sue willshee

    I do like the sound of their Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag. Anything that has the words ‘slab’ and ‘chocolate’ in the same decription sounds pretty good to me, plus – billionaire shortbread…….bring it on!!!! @piperanddaisy

  75. krailton

    Christmas Goody Bag is what i would love to win for the simple reason i love chocolate and this looks nice and has a variety in it nice christmas gift x

  76. William Gould

    I would get The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection – something there for everyone’s taste – including my very picky wife!

  77. Sue Robinson

    I would love to receive The Sparkling Christmas Gift Basket, because it contains everything that I love to indulge in 🙂

  78. Catherine Miller

    My Hubby always calls me Cheesum so it would have to be the cheese tasting experience! Thanks, Splodz! xx

  79. Jane Morrice

    I love the look of the Christmas Goody Bag – something for everyone.

  80. Kathryn Casbolt

    The truffle advent calender – to enjoy a little bit of yumminess every day before Christmas 🙂

  81. Bernadette K

    Just like one of the previous posts (she got in 9 minutes before me!) I would adore the cheese tasting experience.
    Cheese is my second favourite love after chocolate (my hubbie comes a close third…) so to have BOTH in the same present. Well, you wouldn’t see me for a week I’d be busy eating my little stash!

  82. Luci R

    I’d like the Rather Large Christmas Cracker – no plastic tat inside of this one!

  83. Kathleen Connolly

    I would love the The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection so my family and I could enjoy quality delicious chocolate together.

  84. Andrea

    I would most like to receive the Ultimate Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar as I’d get a treat everyday for 24 days.

  85. Mrs Goriami

    I would love the dasher the reindeer basket as i’m a big kid at heart and it looks fun! Also it’d be easy to share with the family 🙂 @goriami

  86. Jenny

    For me, it would have to be the Rather Large Christmas Cracker. Who wouldn’t want that?

  87. Tanya Richards

    I would most like to receive the Alternative Mince Pies – they look great and I know they will be yummy – I love new twists to old traditions.



  89. Ian Campbell (@Ianthesunlover)

    Of all the Hotel Chocolat products, the one I’d love most to receive this year would be The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection:

    It’s contains a fab variety of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, so there’s something for the whole family to indulge in. Simply magical 🙂

  90. charlotte clarke

    Winter desserts for me….buts its all just too good! What did we do before Hotel Chocolat?

  91. Kim Willing

    Ooh so much choice. It would have to be the Captivating Christmas Advent Calender because of the excitement to counting down to the big day and getting a treat a day too.

  92. Gillian Holmes

    There are so many stunning (and expensive!) things on there that I just can’t choose, so I thought I’d go for something to build up to Christmas instead- the Truffles To Share Advent Calendar would be amazing!

  93. Julie

    Oh gosh……. for me it has to be the Rather Large Christmas Cracker,
    Whereupon winning, I would be as happy as the Mad Hatter.
    Although I wouldn’t invite him for tea,
    Because there would be none of the cracker left for me………..!

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