Two Weeks of #GetOutdoors

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We’re already two weeks into January – how are those “Resolutions” going?

I seem to have got involved in a range of challenges over the last couple of weeks. There’s my own 2012km in 2012 challenge, a few friends are also doing that in various forms, then there is my friend’s Operation Threadbare challenge (glad I’m not doing that one!), another has promised herself she will do her exercise DVD regularly, many have told me they’ll be doing the MoonWalk in May, there’s a group of us doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, and so on.  Setting ourselves challenges seems to be the name of the game right now. And they’re absolutely great for getting us motivated to start something and keep doing it.

Back on New Year’s Day I wrote about what I wanted from this year – I want to get outdoors every single day – spend more time walking and cycling, going out on the motorbike and in the car just to see places, and just being able to enjoy what the local countryside and towns have to offer.  I then set my 2012km in 2012 challenge, the idea being to do some exercise in combination with getting outdoors so I also get back into a level of fitness and get into the habit of training again.

Since 1st January I’m pleased to say I have managed to get outdoors every day. Even on grotty weather days. Some days I’ve been out all day, others (particularly working ones) I’ve made an effort to get outside at lunch time, even if it is just to march around town.  I’m concentrating on walking in readiness for the MoonWalk and Three Peaks Challenge, and cycling because I enjoy it and can use my bike to commute to work, at the moment, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it.

Yesterday I did my longest walk of the year so far, a 10 mile march here in Lincolnshire on tarmac (lots of tarmac walks because the MoonWalk is first).  I’m trying to make the most of the weekends at the moment because I don’t actually have many free between now and May for long training walks – if I do what I can now, when there is a week where I can’t do much I won’t feel too bad.

And as a side effect I’ve even started eating breakfast every day… I haven’t done that for years. I hope I can keep all this up for the rest of 2012.

2012 in 2012 Summary, Saturday 14th January

Total >> 112 km

Average per day (14 days) >> 8 km

Total cycling >> 59 km | Total Walking >> 53 km

Longest cycle ride >> 18 km | Longest walk >> 16 km

Remaining >> 1900 km to go

[Note all converted from miles to km as I use RunKeeper in miles]

And all outdoors. I’m more than happy with my progress so far.

I also promised myself that my get outdoors resolution would give me lots of opportunity to take photos. It’s not likely I’m going to carry my DSLR all the time, but I have been able to take some iPhone pictures.  These are snaps I took on my walk yesterday.

Lincolnshire View

Lincolnshire View

Lincolnshire View

Lincolnshire View

Lincolnshire Village Church

I genuinely hope whatever challenges or resolutions you’ve set yourself are going well so far. Feel free to tell me about them below!

Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and would like to sponsor me to do the Walk the Walk London MoonWalk (which may well help motivate my training!!) please visit my fundraising page.  Thank you.

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