2012 in 2012 – March Update

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A quarter of the way through the year (yes, already!) and the 2012 in 2012 challenge I set myself seems to be going ok.

March started well because I was in the middle of a skiing holiday, and thanks to Ski Track I was able to calculate my downhill skiing and import it into Run Keeper so it counted towards my target. I will review that app properly this week, honest.

Me skiing (very seriously) in Arinsal, Andorra

I became very tired after my holiday and had an incredibly busy couple of weeks at work so actually went a full 9 days without doing any kilometres at all, which frustrated me a lot but there was nothing I could do about it due to being totally exhausted. I’m not quite over that yet really but I at least now have the energy to cycle to work a few days a week and go on walks at the weekend.

To be honest there has been a lack of walking going on, which is not good seeing as the MoonWalk and Yorkshire Three Peaks are less than six weeks away. Eek!

So here’s the data:

2012 in 2012 Summary, Saturday 31st March

Total for March >> 214.4 km

Total for 2012 >> 673.9 km

Average per day (91 days) >> 7.4 km

Remaining >> 1338.1 km to go

So a third month over 200 km which I reckon is pretty good – and still above where I need to be to finish 2012 km by the end of the year. I’m pretty pleased with that. I know I’ve got a long way to go but so far so good.

View south over Lincoln from Lincoln Cathedral

Looking ahead to April, it has got to be all about walking.  Now the clocks have changed (anyone else finding it really hard to get over that hour loss last weekend?) and the evenings are lighter I’m hoping to find time and energy to do short walks at the weekends. I have put longer walks in my diary for the weekends – building up to 20 miles hopefully by the end of April as the MoonWalk is only a few weeks away. This month is gonna go so fast isn’t it? It’ll be 12th May so soon.

How are your 2012 challenges going?

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