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November is a notoriously cold, dark and damp month. Which is rubbish. Really rubbish. I mean, don’t get me wrong, November is a great month. I think it’s particularly excellent because it’s the month in which I celebrate my birthday. … Continued


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You know me. I love to get outside. And I love a challenge. Combine those two things with being a little bit silly, and you have me down to a tee. So here I am, announcing my GetOutside Activity Challenge. … Continued

I Actually Rode a Horse!

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced Britain’s Personal Best here on Splodz Blogz; a scheme aiming to recapture the motivation created by London 2012 by encouraging us to challenge ourselves. My personal challenge, the thing that Britain’s Personal Best … Continued

2012 in 2012 – June and July Update

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After a pretty decent start to my 2012 km in 2012 challenge, things went a bit pear shaped in June. My friends and regular readers of Splodz Blogz know why that was, and while I hate making excuses, I can … Continued

Audeo Perfect Bass Earphones

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Phonak have created a new model of earphones designed for music lovers who want a dynamic and powerful bass sound.  The Audeo Perfect Bass earphones have in-built filters which are designed to boost low frequencies and provide a clean bass … Continued