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With less than a week to go, it was about time I got myself properly organised for the Moonwalk and decorated the all important bra. The whole point of this event is to raise money for Breast Cancer charities after all, and the way we do that is by walking a marathon through London in the middle of the night wearing only my bra on top. 

The theme this year is “rockin and rolling through London”. Ideas haven’t been a problem to be honest. I’ve had loads of them. Too many really. And they kept getting muddled in my head. I would go into town for inspiration and would find things that would help me create my “piece”, but would then realise what I had in my hands was a mismatch of all my theme ideas and wouldn’t work together, so would put it all back and go home empty handed.

Then on Friday I had a big wobble. I was looking for inspiration again so I headed to facebook to look at photos people have posted of their creations. Simply wonderful. The skill, the artistic ability. And the modelling. Amazing. I don’t want to walk about London without a top covering my skin. What on earth made me want to do this?!

Anyway, after talking to some lovely people on twitter, including Walk the Walk themselves, and calming down a bit I decided the best thing was to just be me. So I ditched the idea of covering my bra in sequins in the shape of the union flag. And the idea of turning my bra into a London skyline with the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye poking out from my boobs. As well as the idea of creating music notes all over my bra, or piano keys. Or trying to turn my bra into a Harley Davidson cruiser. I even wondered if I could turn the back of my bra into a Bon Jovi album cover – I was thinking New Jersey. But no. None of those were going to work for me.

Instead I drew this idea, just a plain black bra with some green sequins, some green ribbon, and finding-the-puffy-paint-stuff depending, “splodz” written on one cup.

Splodz Moonwalk Bra Design

Once I had settled on a “proper” design there was no stopping me! I went to my local craft shop (no Hobbycraft near me, but Boyes have a good range and were very helpful) and got to work.

Splodz Moonwalk Bra Equipment

The paint I was looking for was that stuff I remember being advertised on the telly when I was a kid. You paint it on and use a hair-dryer and it expands like a foam. I remember the advertisement visuals (thankfully I don’t remember the jingle), but I don’t remember the name. I didn’t find that anyway. What I did find was some Dylon 3D Glitter Paint which is currently my new favourite thing! I tested it on a bit of board first and was a bit worried as it comes out mostly white with green flakes. Thankfully after the few hours drying time it was a gorgeous glittery green that was going to look just brilliant, assuming I could manage to get the stuff onto the bra ok. And I reckon I did!

Splodz Moonwalk Bra 3D Glitter Paint

The sequins were fiddly to put on – I used tweezers. I stuck them on with the glue the lady in the habedasheres recommended, some hi-tack glue that dries clear. Seems to have worked just fine so far! I shan’t be washing this so I’ll never know how long it really lasts, all I need is something that will last the one wear on Saturday night.

I love the ribbon – kind of sequins and ribbon in one, nice and glittery. I was originally going to put it on the straps (as the drawing above), which I did, but when I put the bra on I was worried that as the ribbon was wider and not very soft it would rub, so I took it off and used it on on cup instead.

Splodz Moonwalk Bra Green Ribbon

I have decided I will not be buying running tights or leggins. I did think I would, maybe with some cool shorter than short shorts to wear over the top. But that’s not me and I would be uncomfortable – the bra thing is bad enough already. Walk the Walk say you must wear leggins or tights because track pants will rub, but other sorts of trousers have taken me miles and miles before and have been fine for all my training without rubbing so I will just have to take the risk. I will give my old black joggers one last wear (the ones with the holes I mentioned here before) – I will need to put a patch over the hole on the left side. If possible I’ll also attach some ribbon to match the bra around the waist and legs.

Finally, I will accessorise my outfit with green eye make-up, nail polish, bangles or sweat bands, and if I can find one, a green inflatable guitar to which I will try and attach some of that green ribbon as a strap and wear it like I’m playing it. Oh and some glow sticks, gotta have glow sticks.

Splodz Moonwalk Bra Finished

So that’s it. I know it’s pretty simple (as some of my facebook friends have pointed out!) and I’m going to look a bit muted compared to some of the amazing and stunning creations I’ve already seen, but at least I will be me – I will be rockin and rolling through London in my own little way.

The bra decorating and wearing bit is definitely the biggest challenge for me. So please sponsor me. Pretty please with green glitter on top!

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Zoe,

    Your bra looks fab!! Well done you. You’ll have a great time.

    Will be thinking of you next Saturday.

    Good Luck

    R xx

  2. Laura @ Chez Mummy

    What you’re doing is brilliant. I used to work for a breast cancer charity and the dedication of people like you who take part in these events and fundraiser is fantastic. Good luck x

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