Cake Through Your Letterbox

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Recently I received an email titled “Cake Review Opportunity” that said: “[we] send personalised cakes for any occasion through your letter box”.

You do what? Cake through my letterbox? Don’t be silly. Not actually pushed through the letterbox. It would fall on the floor and crumble into oblivion. Or get stepped on at the sorting office. Or eaten by mice. Wouldn’t it?

I was wrong. Of course.

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake

Baker Days is an online personalised cake company that have created the idea of a small but unique party cake that will fit through your letterbox.

They say:

The world of baking has just caught up with the world of computers. A masterpiece of a cake that’s completely unique and personalised by you and  won’t  cost the earth. Also new is our “letterbox cake” (r) , the world smallest personalised cake  in a tin , It’s the perfect gift for friends near and far. Petite, personalised and postable.

What a fabulous idea.

They asked me to choose a cake so I picked a very ordinary “Keep Calm and Carry On” letterbox cake. Designed to serve one or two people my husband and I waited with anticipation to see what would turn up.

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake

A couple of days later (you can request a specific date for the cake to be despatched) we received a little cardboard box – through the letterbox – which landed with a massive clatter on the floor. It was a little bigger than the Graze box I receive every week – deeper. Inside was a cute little cake tin, and I couldn’t wait to get the lid off!

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake

The cake inside was quite dinky. My husband didn’t believe that it was big enough for two but I quickly pointed out that it had been pushed through the letterbox and was as big as possible for that to still work. The print on the cake was a little to one side but good quality. The little label giving instructions on how to get the cake out was useful and made things very easy.

I had gone for the standard Madeira cake – you can pay extra for carrot or fruit or chocolate, there’s even a wheat free version – and on first getting the cake out of the tin I was a little concerned it seemed quite solid. I needn’t have worried though, that must have just been the icing holding everything together, as the cake itself was very light. It was indeed a thin cake, but we cut this into two slices and there was plenty to share.

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake

Apparently the cake will keep ok for a couple of weeks so even if there is a delay or you choose to have it delivered in advance of a special occasion then it’s still ok (fruit cake will obviously last much longer). It is the sort of thing you’d want to arrive in the post on the right day though, as part of the point is that it is delivered by the postie on their normal round when you know the recipient will be in to hear that clatter.

There are so many designs to choose from, all categorised on the site to make it easy to order exactly what you want. And of course you can personalise them too so the cake becomes the card.

At £14.99 per cake I think this is a little on the expensive side – so it’s not something I’ll be buying all my friends at every opportunity (sorry!). It is a brilliant idea, though, and works well, something to consider for a birthday or another occasion when a card just won’t do. I hope I receive a surprise one in the not too distant future!

Find out more about Baker Days on their website:

Disclaimer: I was sent a Baker Days letterbox cake in the post so I could tell Splodz Blogz readers about it. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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