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The last couple of weeks I have had a small number of photographs on display in Lincoln Central Library (you can see the shots I exhibited in my other posts here and here). 

It was back on 1st September that we all got together very early in the morning to get all the framed prints on the wall. I think we must apologise to all those who were trying to use a nice quiet library that morning – there was much banging in of nails which must have been quite off-putting.  I must also say thanks to the guys who did most of the work that day – I sorted captions and went over to the Angel Coffee House to sort prints out there, and others did most of the maths and putting up of the frames. Cheers!

Putting up the last photo

The space at Lincoln Central Library is a pretty decent one for this kind of exhibition. Some of us wanted our prints displayed together as a set, others were happy for them to be mixed up together, and that worked well on the different boards we had. Whoever did the maths leaving us with everything perfectly spaced on the long wall needs a medal!

The long wall of photos

My shots were mixed up on the big wall and a few of the smaller boards – having everyone’s shots framed identically really made the exhibition look professional, I thought. And it was great seeing my shot surrounded by other people’s – I was seriously worried mine would look rather amateurish against the others but I’m happy to say I think they fitted in just fine.

Photos on the wall - sherbet pips

The range of subjects and styles made the exhibition, we really did show what can be done with a smartphone camera. I discovered when selecting my pictures that I have a preference for photos that show texture, I guess I always have really. But having seen the shots that my friend’s had on display, I have been inspired to take different kinds of photos too – landscapes and portraits in particular. Strangely the exhibition has also inspired me to use my DSLR properly again – this is what can be done on an iPhone, it should be possible to get some fantastic shots on my much-less-used Nikon.

Photographer with photograph

So there we are, a happy photographer with photograph, probably my favourite shot that I exhibited – worn out shoes. After two weeks the exhibition has all been taken down and my frames (apart from a couple still in the Angel Coffee House) are in a neat pile waiting for something to happen with them.

It’s been loads of fun – thanks very much to everyone who came along to view the exhibition (and wrote comments in our guest book), I hope you enjoyed it.

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