Lush Christmas Gifts

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Lush have a massive range of products ideal to give as Christmas gifts. I was very lucky to receive a lovely box of products so I could let you know what I thought…

Lush Christmas Gifts (Taken in Store)

Christmas Party is one of Lush’s ready made gift boxes, wrapped in bright paper and with gold ribbon it is a ready-to-give present that makes life really easy. Inside there is a Northern Lights Soap and a Party Popper Bath Bomb – two brightly coloured and strongly scented Christmas limited edition products.

Lush Christmas Party Box

Lush Christmas Party Box

I’m off to the land of the Northern Lights in January where I will hopefully catch a glimpse of this phenomenon, but the luminous green and yellow of the soap in this gift box should keep me going until then… the fresh pine and lime scent is fairly strong but really works – it’s citrus and kind of outdoorsy – and really brightens up the room. The only problem with soaps like this (over harder soaps or liquid soaps) is you get that sticky residue on the bath or basin wherever you leave it, which can be a bit of pain to clean if it dries solid.

Bath bombs are brilliant – who doesn’t watch in awe when one is fizzing around the bath tub?! Just me then?! This one turns the water bright pink and fills it with popping candy (yes, popping candy; no, I didn’t try any) and little bits of soap confetti that you can either dissolve yourself (just swish the water around) or use to wash with. Lush bath bombs are really lovely – this one is flavoured with bergamot and tangerine which is perfectly apt for this time of year.

Lush Christmas Shower Gel

I also received a couple of little bottles of shower gel. Ponche and Snow Fairy are limited edition Christmas themed gels with suitable scents. Ponche is an orange and tequila flavoured liquid, there’s a hint of cinnamon in there too; inspired by Mexico it has a real punch and definitely helps wake you up in the morning!

Snow Fairy is more subtle – it’s light, sweet, fruity, and just lovely to use. It has the colour and scent of candy floss. Lush say this is their number one best seller at Christmas and they’re not sure why – it’s difficult to put a finger on it but yes, I really do like this and will happily go and buy some for myself when this little bottle is gone. It’s even got glitter running through it.

Lush Christmas Shower Gel

One of the things I spotted in the Lush store this week was tubes in which you could put up to three large (or more small) bath bombs. With loads of flavours of bath bomb to choose from I thought this would make a really nice gift – certainly makes the bath bombs easier to wrap and is sturdy enough to keep them in.

I can’t deny it, I really like Lush products – some of them are a bit strange for sure, and the stores themselves smell oh so strong with that mixture of perfumes, but they have a good ethical ethos and their products are really lovely.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Lush products for free so I could write about them on Splodz Blogz, but I have not been told what to write and am always honest. 

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  1. Wend

    I loove lush. I have no sense of smell and ordinary perfume counters leave me with a metallic taste in my mouth and a headache. I could spend the day in lush “tasting” the products! I also find their product suit my really dry skin type

  2. Brenda

    I love Lush but don’t get to a city to go in there very often and I’d forgotten all about it, thanks for the timely reminder Zoe, I’d been wondering what to get for the secret santa at work!

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