Review: Boursin Spreadable Light Garlic and Herbs

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I discovered Boursin a short while ago after receiving some to review. This time, to help me in my quest at becoming a bit healthier in my food choices at home, Boursin sent me some of their Garlic and Herbs Light Spreadable to try. 

Boursin Light Garlic and Herb

Boursin Light Garlic and Herb

The little pot contains 125 grams of smooth soft spreadable cheese. Naturally the first thing I did was dry some on a lovely oaty cracker…

Boursin Light Garlic and Herb on a Cracker

…absolutely lovely. I wouldn’t normally eat cheese like this on its own on a cracker – I much prefer to add some beetroot or grapes or apple or something like that. It was really nice though; had a good flavour that didn’t linger (often a problem with garlic!) but that was strong enough to warrant trying a couple of recipes.

Both are poor photographs (sorry, we’d eaten our dinner before realising I should have taken another shot!), but I tried this Boursin Light in two week-day evening meals. At the top you have a jacket potato with a creamy cheesy mix of chicken, bacon, pepper and red onion. And underneath you have chicken with Boursin wrapped in bacon and topped with barbecue sauce.

Boursin on a Jacket Potato Recipe

Boursin Chicken Recipe

(I feel I should add we ate these with at least a week apart – I don’t have a habit of cooking chicken and bacon together in a meal too close together!)

The Boursin spreadable is lovely to cook with. In the jacket potato mix I simply added it once the other ingredients had cooked and allowed it to melt in the pan to bring everything together. It worked really very well; it added a lovely flavour and a creamy texture that was just ideal to sit on top of a slow baked potato. Using it on the chicken wrapped in bacon was genius as it doesn’t melt too much and so didn’t ooze all over the tray in the oven – you can see it seeping out once the chicken parcel was cut in half, so you get a bit of cheese with every mouthful. In both cases the subtle flavour added something lovely to the meal without overpowering the other ingredients. So good.

I love cheese and I know it’s not very good for me, so choosing this Light option makes sense, especially when it tastes great and works well on its own and in evenings meals.

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of Boursin cheeses to try out for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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