Haven’t You Grown?! How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge.

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What were you doing 30 years ago? How have you changed in the last 30 years?

Me with Dad and Veronica in 1983Well I know I’ve changed quite a bit… although some tell me I’m still recognisable. 30 years ago I was just three years old, so the fact I’ve changed a lot since then is probably a very good thing! Here I am (taken towards the end of 1983 or maybe very early 1984)… I’m the one stood up, my sister Veronica – just a few months old – is in the shopping bag.

Back then my main interests revolved around playing. Naturally! I do believe that running about, drawing, making a noise and eating were at the top of my agenda. My sister was born in June 1983 and of course everything changed for me then – in a good way, of course. I was making regular visits to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, to whom I am so very thankful. We were living in Tring, Hertfordshire, where Mum and Dad were the Salvation Army Officer’s for the Tring Corps.

I remember there was a footpath at the back of the house along the back of the gardens on the street and I would happily pop next door to play. I’m not sure I always told Mum and Dad where I was going – but it’s okay because I made a public apology at Mum’s retirement do at the end of last year! I might not remember every little detail of 30 years ago, but know I was happy, and thinking about those times brings a smile to my face.

Since then much has changed. I’m taller… and I like to think I’m quite a lot wiser too! I have learnt something every day since this photo was taken, and look back on most of the last thirty years with fond memories. I know that I am what I am today because of things that happened back in 1983, and every year since then. Without all those experience, all those memories, I wouldn’t be the Zoe in this recent photograph now (Veronica left, me right, taken at the end of Go Ape)!

Veronica and me at the end of our Go Ape Experience

Of course we have all changed a lot over the last 30 years – it’s not just me – Veronica doesn’t fit in a shopping bag any more! And not just people either – things have changed too – fashion, music, food, knowledge, the law, television, communication, and so on. But did you know that Kelloggs Special K has not changed since 1983? Until now…!

Special K How You've Changed Linky ChallengeKelloggs are launching a new, more wholesome recipe for their Special K cereal. They very kindly sent me a box to try out so I could take part in this Special K and Britmums How You’ve Changed challenge, and I have to say, it is definitely nicer. They have added barley to the current wheat and rice mix which is in Special K, and it is made with wholegrain too. So it’s even better for us than the old recipe.

The flakes in this new version is slightly darker in colour to the previous one, and I’d say the flavour is a bit stronger, deeper, thanks to the barley. I tried the “plain” version (without any chocolate or berries or other bits and bobs that come with the other types), and it’s lovely as it is. It also works rather well with that Lemon and Ginger yogurt I reviewed the other day instead of milk, and the addition of a freshly sliced banana made it even more enjoyable. I am eating a bowl of this right now (yes, it’s 10.15am but I’m having a day off work!), and I am recommending it wholeheartedly. The only problem? Well it’s a problem that I find with all flaked cereals… the flakes at the bottom get totally crushed and are so teeny you lose all texture. I hate mushy cereal!

New Special K Three Grain Recipe

New Special K Three Grain Recipe

So tell me… what were you doing in 1983? How much have you changed since then? I’d love to know!

Disclaimer: This is my entry to the “How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge” with Britmums and Special K. I’m hoping I will win an iPad mini or a spa voucher as a result!

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      Thanks! It conjures up so many memories of happy childhood for me. And probably explains why my sister loves bags so much!!

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