Some Shoes, Some Memories and an Outfit

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I came across these chocolate brown Dkode Mysie shoes when I was browsing the Spartoo website for my last feature on autumnal tan coloured shoes. They caught my attention because they reminded me of a pair I had as a teenager – they were lower than these but the styling is very similar and they brought back happy memories. Yes, I allow shoes to trigger memories!!

Dkode Mysie Chocolate Brown Shoes

Dkode Mysie Chocolate Brown Shoes

Dkode Mysie Chocolate Brown Shoes

Dkode Mysie Chocolate Brown Shoes

These particular shoes remind me of a pair I used to wear to school. They were black, of course, but had a similar little platform and similar thin laces and stitching. They had a slightly thicker heel and were only about half the height. I got them from Dolcis in Canterbury not long before I moved away from the city. Seeing these shoes has also reminded me of a girl called Candice from School who would wear the most amazing platform shoes with her uniform. We went to Germany and she wore the same huge platforms to cycle in one afternoon, no idea how she managed that but it made us laugh for a few hours! She sadly passed away in a car accident. RIP Candice.

Despite liking these shoes because of the memories they conjure up, I rather like the heeled brogue look anyway. I also love the rich brown leather of these Dkode shoes. The fact the foot is encased in the shoe with laces means there is no chance of the feet “falling out” and they will naturally keep the feet warmer (and drier) as autumn sets in.

Outfit Image

If these were mine and I could choose any outfit to wear them with I’d go for something really nice and bright like this cute bright orange lace dress with collar from Oasis. As we’re taking autumn I’d treat myself to this traditional and luxurious brown leather biker jacket – I love all the detail, especially on the shoulders and elbows – from All Saints.

Does seeing shoes bring back memories for you? Are you a fan of heeled brogues? How would you style these shoes?

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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  1. Laura

    Yep that brings back memories, I think I also had the Dolcis pair way back then as well 🙂 Love the outfit too! RIP Candice x

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