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Have you clocked the date today? 25th November. That’s just one month until Christmas… are you ready?!

There are already houses with their outside lights flashing away along one of the main roads we use regularly, most towns have had their big Christmas light switch on events, and the shops have been full of Christmas products for weeks (and weeks). How is your Christmas shopping going? Are you all bought and wrapped?! I should hope not…! I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Christmas lights, trees and those cheesy songs until we’re actually in December, but there is no escaping it is there!

Having said that I’m not wanting to decorate my house just yet, I have already eaten (and enjoyed) some mince pies (with custard, of course), and we have been rehearsing Christmas music at Band for several weeks. There is getting a little festive with the preparations and going over the top!

Anyway, today I wanted to broach the subject of Christmas trees. And baubles. Basically, the question is – colour coordinated or not? Which do you have?

My Christmas Baubles

I am looking forward to putting up my tree – for which I have a large number of silver, white and green baubles, and a long string of white lights. I think my tree looks rather splendid when the lights flicker and make the baubles sparkle. It adds something to my lounge and makes me smile. I will spend an entire Saturday afternoon playing about with it to make it look just as I want it.

My Christmas Baubles

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But I can also see the side of the non-matching tree decorations. The use of all the colours. The home made. The garish. The “every bauble tells a story”.

Which do you go for?

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  1. suesconsideredtrifles

    I bought a colour co-ordinated set years ago, but there are also personal mementoes and some decorations the children made, which come out year after year. When I was a child Christmas Eve was the tree (and house) decorating day. Now we usually succumb to the pressure to start sooner. Sue

  2. Hazel

    I have a collection of decorations that are all different, each year we add a few more to the collection. I like the mismatched look, it’s what my tree was like when I was growing up, so I guess I’d never really considered anything else!

  3. Nics Notebook

    Yum I’ve been enjoying mince pies too! We have silver and pink decs for our tree. We wanted to get a new one this year (we just have an artificial one) but a decent one is v expensive!

  4. Kimberly A Edwards

    In my past I used themed decorations, themed colors. I do not do any of it anymore though. I’m not into it. However, I love to drive around and see the lights. I love the music. I don’t like when the radio stations start playing it exclusively before the start of November though. I like a mixture of music. I only care to listen to holiday music for maybe 3 weeks in December.

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