#MobileTravelChallenge Round-up and Winner

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Over the last couple of weeks you’ve been taking part in my Mobile Travel Challenge online photography exhibition, sharing your images of a special, secluded or secret place you’ve found while out and about over on twitter and instagram using #MobileTravelChallenge. Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part, it’s been really fun seeing your images, and imagining myself being in those special places. 

I asked you to share images that might demonstrate that you have been making the most of your life by enjoying the journey. I wanted to see where you took a moment, where you had a breather, a view that your eyes couldn’t move away from. And you didn’t disappoint me; it’s been wonderful sharing your memories through this.

I have chosen my winner from all the entries, and I’ll share that special image shortly, but first I wanted to offer a bit of a round-up of the photographs I’ve enjoyed. If I was writing the exhibition guide for Mobile Travel Challenge, these are the images I would feature…

From Instagram…





From Twitter…




The Winner

Which was your favourite image from my Mobile Travel Challenge? Any of the above? Or a different one that was shared? I was hard for me to choose my absolute favourite, but in the end I went for the one that made me wish I had been laying in the spot in which it was taken. I imagine that the photographer is laying on their back on a blanket, enjoying nature in a sleepy state. It could be pretty much anywhere in the world, which I think helped me enjoy the image.


Well done @instaben07, you are the winner of the competition element of this online photography exhibition with your beautiful but simple scene. Thanks to Lumia Voices (the new name for Microsoft Connects – hope this didn’t confuse you too much during the challenge), you have won a Lumia trial plus a little travel-related prize that will be a surprise to us all – let us know what it is when you receive it!

I have really enjoyed hosting this little competition over the last couple of weeks, so watch this space as there may be another one coming up very soon!


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