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I am really loving the number of campaigns that have been launched recently to encourage us all to get outdoors more. I spotted this one over on twitter thanks to some fab photos from Sean Conway of him whizzing around Southampton on a motorised sofa. Yes, sofa. I did ask him to bring it on a road trip up to Lincoln so I could have a go, but alas he hasn’t turned up so far…

Ordnance Survey Get Outside CampaignApparently a quarter of Brits won’t walk anywhere that will take more than 15 minutes. That includes to work, to the shops, to School, anywhere. So Ordnance Survey have launched their #GetOutside campaign to inspire people from all walks of life to spend a little more time outside. They are aiming this at all ages and abilities, and wherever you might live, so they are talking about you (and me)!

I definitely agree that there is some awesome adventure to be had outside, and that we should all give ourselves a bit more time to get active and enjoy what is on offer in the great outdoors. There are so many opportunities, so many ideas – it doesn’t have to be hard or involve super high levels of fitness, #GetOutside is about simply doing more outside your own home or office.

Ordnance Survey have made lots of suggestions to get us inspired and have written a variety of beginner’s guides in case you want to try something new.  Head over to the #GetOutside website to find out more.

While you’re there, Ordnance Survey are asking us to make a #GetOutside pledge. It could be a personal endurance challenge, it could be a promise to go somewhere new, or simply to do more of something you already love doing. Everyone who signs up can enter to win stuff to help them complete their pledge, which is a pretty good incentive.

My pledge is to go for a swim in a lake; it may be that I find an opportunity while away in Germany and Austria, but it is more likely to be in the open water swimming lake close to my house when I get back. This is one of those getting outdoors things that has been on my bucket list since the beginning, and while I used to enjoy a bit of open water swimming as a child, I’ve hardly done any as an adult. This campaign is my opportunity! What’s your pledge?

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park (taken summer 2014) – would be a pretty awesome lake to complete my pledge in. I suspect the one I end up in will be quite a bit murkier. 

I’m all for campaigns like this – yes it might be a profile raising exercise, but I think it’s always good to see companies and organisations like Ordnance Survey try to encourage us to be more active and get out and enjoy our natural surroundings. Get involved, it’ll be fun!


Don’t forget I am running my own little campaign in the form of a photo competition on twitter and instagram. #WildSplodz is all about getting outside and doing something a little bit wild this summer. Get all the details on my #WildSplodz blog post and make sure you share your photos by Sunday 16 August. I look forward to seeing them!


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  1. Dragons And Fairy Dust

    I thought you said Sean Connery for a second there, seeing James Bond on a motorised sofa would make a great film. Great campaign. Swimming in a lake is a bit cold but I think Kielder Water would be perfect

    • Splodz

      Ha ha you should look Sean Conway up, he’s awesome! What’s your #GetOutside pledge going to be?

  2. Jo Cross

    Hi Zoe,

    Thank you for highlighting this great campaign.

    As well as getting more active, I find going outside can be very therapeutic too so I am all for it.

    Off to decide on my pledge.

    Have a great week.


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