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When you are wandering around town on your lunch break, are you guilty of concentrating on the floor or your smart phone rather than taking in the things around you? I know I am. Especially when I have a list of errands to run – I use an app on my phone as my list of chores and I’ll be checking it as I rush between shops, not paying much attention to anything other than the things I need to do within that one hour break. 

Then I realise – I am the person in those cartoons, the one that everyone complains about who is only concentrating on her tech and not looking up or around.

While on days when there are seemingly endless errands to run the “head down and move fast” technique might be the most appropriate, on other days I do my best to remember to lift my head and wander around slowly to take in what’s around me. Looking up is important – it is then that we notice things that we may not have seen before, or at least know exactly where we are and what is going on around us. Earlier on in the week I purposefully took photographs of things above me. Despite it being a very windy day, rather warm for the time of year, the sky put on a great show and helped to show off Lincoln in a great way.

Lincoln at Lunch Time | Splodz Blogz

Lincoln at Lunch Time | Splodz Blogz

Lincoln at Lunch Time | Splodz Blogz

Lincoln at Lunch Time | Splodz Blogz

Lincoln at Lunch Time | Splodz Blogz

Next time you find yourself rushing around looking only at your phone, stop and realise, and make an effort to look up. You never know what you might be missing.


I’m taking part in the Blog Everyday in November challenge set by Rosalilium, a fab and very supportive blogger. Today’s prompt is “local area”, which naturally inspired this post. I hope you’re enjoying the daily content – do let me know the sorts of things you’re enjoying the most. 

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4 Responses

  1. Rhianne (@forthedistractd)

    I love looking up photos, I take a lot of them. Leeds even has an instagram tag for #lookupleeds which is so fun! The clouds in all of these look great. I haven’t been to Lincoln in ages, so its great to see a different perspective.

  2. NatashaDeVil

    I love looking up, in fact i’m surprised I haven’t walked into more lampposts, walls etc for doing so!

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