An Hour of Pancakes | Weekly Vlog 12

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How has your week been? I admit am feeling rather exhausted after a very busy week at work, that lead to having to choose not to do much in the evenings because I was just tired and a little emotional. But I think I managed to curb the whinging this time… 

Weekly Vlog 12 Thumbnail

An Hour of Pancakes

This week in the vlog you’ll see a bit more Chip cam, me attempting way to many things at the same time in the kitchen, cooking and eating pancakes (mmmmmmmm), and a road trip to Blackpool for an event this weekend. I was able to finish early on Friday so got to the sea before the sun set (just), hence the thumbnail picture this time around.

From next week I’m going to be answering a couple of #AskSplodz questions each week (probably on a Tuesday but maybe just randomly), so get asking. Oh and don’t forget to take part in this week’s #SplodzWPC topic – it’s “love” right now and will swap over as always on Thursday morning.

Enjoy… and don’t forget to do the subscribing, thumbs up and commenting things!


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