Sunday Walk, Mam Tor, Gardening | Weekly Vlog 18

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New vlog time – now being uploaded on a Monday instead of Sunday. Hope that’s ok! This week I went for a walk on a lovely sunny Sunday morning, did a day hike up Mam Tor in the Peak District, answered a couple of #AskSplodz questions and did a teeny bit of gardening. 

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I thought I’d try a bit of a bulleted list of my key highlights this week:

  • Saturday was a working day so no fun there.
  • I had a complete mare with editing my vlog (last week’s vlog) on Sunday morning which caused me to walk away from it. It was a beautifully sunny day so I headed out for a walk along the trails close to home, which was definitely the right choice – blue skies, sunglasses on, and some nice snaps for instagram.
  • While I was out I decided to change my blogging and vlogging schedule (walking is super good at helping me make decisions). I will now vlog Monday to Sunday and upload on a Monday evening. I would say it’ll be 6pm but I know I’ll probably not be able to keep to that regularly so I’ll just say Monday evening! Blog wise you’ll get new content on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Probably.
  • Our insurance cards for #Zartusacan arrived so we’re covered and official. Now it’s just the air freight, which we can’t do until 30 days before the trip.
  • I cycled to work on Monday and Tuesday. I can already feel my fitness returning after a couple of weeks of a bit of exercise, good.
  • I wondered about getting my hair cut. It really is a mess and hasn’t had a trim for months. What do you think? Any suggestions?
  • On Wednesday I had a day off so took myself over to Derbyshire for a day hike. I headed up Mam Tor and along the Great Ridge for some much needed get outdoors time. There’s plenty of footage of the walk and views (and a helicopter and some wellies) in the vlog, definitely the best bit of the week for me.
  • My phone camera (front facing) is a bit broken – it looks like something inside the phone has slipped down and I’m left with a crescent moon shape over the lens. Annoying. I have a Genius Bar appointment next week.
  • I did a spot of gardening – I don’t have much garden to deal with but the weeds had taken over some what so I sorted those out.
  • There were two #AskSplodz questions this week which I answered right at the end of the vlog; one about our road trip and another about my dream job.

Anyway, the whole point is that you watch…

Don’t forget to keep your #AskSplodz questions coming, and take part in my weekly photo challenge #SplodzWPC.

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