Wow the weeks are going FAST at the moment! I know this because it’s time, once again, for my slightly regular Currently Loving feature, in which I share some of my favourite things of the moment with everyone on the internet. These are the things that have been making make me smile, making me feel good, nourishing me or comforting me in the last month or so. 

I definitely could have done better with the flat lay this time around, so apologies for that, but hopefully you can see what all the things are okay and it provides a useful illustration for the words below.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving May 2018

01. How beautiful is this watercolour of Steep Hill in Lincoln by Peter Rooke? It was gifted to me by my colleagues when I left my job and moved away from Lincolnshire, and it is just gorgeous – a lovely memento of my many years in Lincoln and in that particular organisation. I used to walk up Steep Hill regularly in my lunch break (a superb spot for One Hour Outside!), and this definitely reminds me of that. Thanks guys 🙂

02. I’ve shown you my rather awesome Klean Kanteen tumbler in posts like this before; well this is the matching metal straw that makes having cold soft drinks in it a lot easier without having to ask for a disposable plastic straw. And they work with any cup or glass, of course. Find them on the Klean Kanteen website.

03. The Adventurer’s Guide to Britain is a fabulous book that is full of great outdoor activity ideas for anyone wanting inspiration here in the Great Britain (read my review here). But the book isn’t just here in its own right, it’s also representing something very important; friends who do awesome things. Writing a book is pretty awesome, huh?!

04. Ahhhhh my new white Converse All Stars, finally being worn after such a long damp dirty winter. Hooray for sunshine! Long may it continue (please…!).

05. I would never have thought to buy these Fruit Bowl Peelers because, let’s face it, they look like food for kids. But, having had one in my Outdoor Bloggers weekend goodie bag last month, I am totally hooked. They are SO full of flavour. Yes, they are processed fruit rather than real fruit, but they offer such a sharp and sweet fruity hit that is just perfect for hiking (and packed lunches). I’ve tried all the flavours and I reckon the Blackcurrant ones are the best.

06. The photo displayed on my iPad was taken around the campfire at the Outdoor Bloggers weekend last month, and it’s here to represent my awesome friends who hold me up, make me smile, and are basically just awesome. I am very fortunate to have made some amazing friends, and love that thanks to social media I can chat to them whenever and wherever I want.

07. I recently wrote a blog post about what you should eat on a long hike, and can you believe it, I forgot all about Kendal Mint Cake! I mean, it’s an absolute staple food, sweet and refreshingly minty, full of energy thanks to it’s pure sugar content. Ideal for a pick-me-up when the legs and mind start to tire. Mmmmmmmmm.

08. I am very much enjoying the convenience of noodle and rice pots at the moment. Pictured are Mr Lee’s Noodles, which are freeze dried, all natural and completely full of flavour. Not pictured are the Naked Noodle Rice Pots, a recent discovery, which I ate before doing my flat lay – oops! Yes, I know fresh and prepared at home is way better than anything processed, but sometimes you just need to make sure you have something in your desk drawer just in case.

09. My little SIGG food tin is just brilliant. I’ve had it for years now and while it’s a bit bashed and scratched, it is just the best lunch box I’ve ever had. I highly recommend these; the small size I have is big enough for a round of sandwiches and a couple of snacks, perfect for a hiking lunch or picnic tea. Find the whole range (which now come with a silicone insert which means you can bung your lunch in the microwave) on the SIGG website.

10. Ah, home sweet home. My trusty old door mat is here because my absolute favourite thing right now has to be my new home. We recently moved to a new town, and it’s been quite the roller coaster. We’re not quite unpacked yet, I wouldn’t say we are totally settled in yet, but things are definitely getting there. It’s the reason things on Splodz Blogz have been a bit sporadic of late, and I’ve been incredibly bad at keeping up to date with emails and requests for all kinds of things, but I will eventually get sorted and be back into the swing of things properly. I am very happy in my new home and look forward to lots of adventures based from here.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving May 2018

What are you currently loving this month? What do you think of my choices? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Elizabeth

    What a great collection of items! I’m loving the sound of that book, and the metal straw looks really useful too!

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