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Jumpers are one of the best things about winter. I love to feel warm and cosy, and enjoy rugging up whether it be for a day in the office, for a day exploring the countryside, or an evening in front of the telly. I love everything from a knitted sweater to a fleece lined jumper to an oversized hoody with kangaroo pockets, and I have my fair share to choose from.

As it’s that time of year, and because the sales are just about to start, I thought I’d offer up my top nine picks of jumpers to keep you cosy this winter. Some of them I own, some I just want – maybe there’s still time for Santa to pay attention?!

FatFace Jumper

FatFace Felicity Fair Isle Jumper

I’m going to start off with this, because let’s face it, I probably couldn’t write a blog post about my pick of this winters’ cosy jumpers and not include the one that just about went viral on social media earlier this season.

The undeniably famous FatFace “boob” jumper is a Nordic Christmas-style knitted sweater with an ambiguous boob-like pattern. I liked FatFace’s response to the online comments as much as like the jumper – instead of getting all defensive and making excuses, they admitted the mistake, gave a nod to the likeness, and donated some money to Coppafeel.

It’s not on sale (yet), but some sizes are already out. I have one of FatFace’s knitted sweaters (not this one) and it is so comfy and cosy, and still looking great two years later, I would happily pay full price for this.

Find it here for £56

Craghoppers Jumper

Craghoppers Balmoral Crew

As an outdoors lover I do tend to look at the outdoorsy brands first when searching out new items of clothing. The Balmoral Crew from Craghoppers is a great option as something made for the outdoors but that can easily cross into casual wear – it’s a smart crew-neck style that looks and feels like a knitted Breton top.

There are a number of colours and patterns available, at they are in the sale on the Craghoppers website at the moment (some colours just £15 which is an absolute bargain). Don’t forget Craghoppers often come up a bit big on women’s sizing, so if you want something that isn’t a little baggy, go down a size.

Find it here at Craghoppers or here at Go Outdoors for £15-35.

Fjallraven Jumper

Fjallraven Ovik Nordic Sweater

If I had all the money in the world to spend on my clothing, I would head straight for somewhere that stocked Fjallraven gear. I only own a couple of things from them, both of which have been gifted to me for review purposes, and I look forward to the day when I can treat myself to a jumper from their collection.

The Ovik Nordic Sweater is simple yet beautiful. Made from traceable wool, which is super important for a large company, this Jacquard knit will keep you warm and wick away the sweat – the benefit of the natural fibre. Fjallraven know you’ll wear this all the time, so they’ve added patches on the elbows too, a nice touch that means this piece will surely last for years and years. I don’t know if I would buy the terracotta pink (pictured), or if I’d go for the simpler navy – which do you prefer?

Find it here for £165.

Lighthouse Jumper

Lighthouse Shore Sweatshirt

I have this simple looking quarter zip pullover, it was a gift from Lighthouse back when summer was turning to Autumn, and it is a lovely cut and style. The soft fabric and funnel neck make it feel cosy even though it is really quite thin, and it works well when out and about hiking in the countryside, or for when I need something a little bit smarter than a standard sweatshirt.

Already on sale, this one is a good bet if you’re looking for a jumper that is easy to layer up with a tee underneath and another layer on top, perfect for the changing seasons or if you just need something to give you a bit of extra warmth. I have the navy one (“night sky”) but I really rather like the teal (“ocean deep”) one – not many left in that one though!

Find it here for £34.95.

Weird Fish Jumper

Weird Fish Beyonce Zip Grid Fleece

You really can’t go wrong with a Weird Fish jumper, they do them so well. Especially when it comes to jumpers that can be for the outdoors or for casual wear. This wafflely micro-fleece is thin and lightweight, but should pack a lot of warmth thanks to the material and design.

I’ve got something similar that is my go-to for hiking – either wearing it or packing it as my extra layer for when I get up high or stop for lunch. It’s great value, too – Weird Fish stuff can be super expensive, but this is down to £20 in the sale at the moment. Oh, and it has pockets; a micro-fleece with pockets is a win in my book.  

Find it here at Weird Fish and here at Go Outdoors for £20-30.

Sherpa Jumper

Sherpa Amdo Crew Sweater

You know I love a “proper” sweater; the traditional crew neck, the repetitive patterns, the wool knit. This one from Sherpa fits the bill perfectly. IT’s made from a blend of merino, nylon and viscose blend to help make sure it is soft and breathable, good for cool summer days and cold winter evenings. The pattern on this one is actually inspired by traditional Bhutanese wares – I’ve never been to the Himalayas but it does appeal!

Admittedly this one is hand wash only, so be careful if you’re someone who hates to separate their washing. If you didn’t already know, for every product sold, Sherpa provide education and resources for children in Nepal – for the entirety of their education, elementary through college. Well done Sherpa.

Find it here at Sherpa and here at Go Outdoors for £58.50-65.

Hidden Stag Jumper

Hidden Stag Highland Hoodie

I featured my Hidden Stag hoodie in my Currently Loving post way back in March 2019, and I just had to include it here because it remains one of my absolute favourite jumpers – of all time. It’s big, comfortable, thick, soft on the inside, made from 100% cotton, has the best hood for snuggling into, and has a very cool highlands design on the back.

I’m a size 10 and have the XX in this, it’s a little oversized but that’s to my liking. Shane, who runs Hidden Stag up in Edinburgh, and has very similar values as myself when it comes to offsetting our time in offices and in cities with plenty of time out in the countryside – good for the mind and the soul.

Find it here for £50

I was gifted the Lighthouse sweater and am very happy to recommend it as a decent top or mid layer. I was also gifted the Hidden Stag hoodie much earlier in the year and I think it’s my most worn and washed item of clothing at the moment – so comfy and cosy. Some links on this post are affiliate links. Prices, links and descriptions are correct at time of publication (mid-December 2019).

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  1. Shybiker

    Beautiful sweaters. I don’t like cold weather but I welcome it simply to have reason to wear nice sweaters. Merry Christmas!

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