Year in Photos (12 Jan 2010)

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It’s Graze Box Tuesday! Each Tuesday I treat myself to a Graze Box from It’s basically a box which I have delivered to work through the post which includes healthy snacks. Normally it includes fresh fruit plus two other snacls, but because of the problems … Continued

Things to Do

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I have now uploaded my list to my “things to do” page so you can see what sort of things I want to do/acheieve/experience as life goes on. It’s in PDF format as that’s the easiest way I can see … Continued

Snow from NASAs POV

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I just got sent this photo and HAD to share it with you… It’s from the MODIS Rapid Response System ( and shows the snow across Great Britain yesterday (7th January). Just wow!

Year in Photos (1-7 Jan 2010)

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One of my personal challenges for this year (call it a “New Year’s resolution” if you like!) is to take a photograph every day. These are the photos I have taken so far this year, covering 1st to 7th January … Continued