It’s been a couple of months but I have a nice selection of favourite things at the moment so I thought a Currently Loving post was in order. This time around we have two different maps, some amazing yellow trousers … Continued


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I often talk about boots that are comfortable “straight from the box”, that is, with little or no breaking in required. It’s something of an advantage of the lighter mesh and material boots – if you choose a traditional leather … Continued

One Hour Outside November 2016 | Week 4 Update

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The week just gone has been an excellent example of why I set this One Hour Outside challenge and have made so much of it here on Splodz Blogz and on my social media feeds. It’s been dark, cold, wet, … Continued

Exploring the Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is definitely a must-see place, is a bucket list destination for many – including me. No photos or videos can do the vastness of the view justice; it … Continued

A Picnic in my Kitchen: Not Doing the Lyke Wake Walk

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I have had picnics in the rain before. I am a member of that family who would sit on the beach in our raincoats eating jam sandwiches and blue and white striped crisps, determined to enjoy our day by the … Continued