It’s been a couple of months but I have a nice selection of favourite things at the moment so I thought a Currently Loving post was in order. This time around we have two different maps, some amazing yellow trousers and hiking shoes, and a selection of other things for home and travel. Here goes… 

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Currently Loving | September 2017

01. I know. It’s a pair of mustard yellow trousers. They’re from FatFace and for some reason I simply couldn’t not buy them when I popped in to browse the sale rail a couple of weeks ago. They fit really well, are super comfortable, and are my new best friend for home and travel. I mean, who doesn’t like a pair of yellow linen trousers?! These are they, but bear in mind they are a clearance item so the chances of them being in stock for long is pretty remote. I’m rather hoping they bring the style back as I want another pair… maybe in red!

02. I rate the Ordnance Survey paper road maps really highly and am so glad they relaunched them. But this item in my Currently Loving list is more about the location than the map itself – the North Coast 500 is a road trip road taking travellers (cars, motorbikes, camper vans, cycles) in a circular route at the very north of Scotland, including east coast, west coast and north coast. We did it over a week in July and it was simply spectacular, just a wonderful trip. I plan to write a blog post or two about the tour, naturally, so head back soon to find out more about why this road trip was so special. This is OS Maps Road Map 1, Northern Scotland, and it proved invaluable to navigate our way around the NC500 route.

03. My Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX hiking shoes are so comfortable. I recently reviewed them here on Splodz Blogz but wanted to include them here in my Currently Loving as confirmation that while they were a blogging gift, they are genuinely something I am enjoying wearing. You just can’t do better than finding a comfortable pair of waterproof shoes for the trail and pavement, and these are definitely that. If you’re interested, you can find them on sale at Millet Sports and Go Outdoors at the moment.


04. The Adventure Club is a new project from friend and fellow GetOutside Champion Jason. Designed as a network for those who love adventure but also as a platform for social good using adventure as a means for improving our world. I love it when a friend puts an amazing idea into practice! If you’re into outdoors adventure, or want to be, at any level, make sure you check out the club, and hopefully I’ll see you at one of the events or activities being organised very soon.

05. Ah domestic chores, the bain of my Sunday afternoon. After thinking about it for years I finally caved and bought a steam cleaner, hoping it will both speed up the boring stuff leaving more time to get outside, and to help me reduce the number of products I’ve ended up using in my home. On a budget, I went for the Karcher SC1 – you can spend loads but so far this one has been working a treat. If cleaning can be considered a treat. Oh dear.

06. A bit of an odd product here, this is the Footner Coolactive Massager, a little can of relief for my feet after walks on a hot day. No, really, bear with me… It’s a roller ball that dispenses a cold foam type product that feels super nice. It works particularly well when you have that horrible burning feeling you get from standing all day, or after a night out in high heels, or when your feet are generally tired and need some TLC. Available at Boots if you fancy giving it a try.

07. Beauty? Okay! I’ve been looking for a decent waterproof mascara for ages, and think I’ve found one in the No7 Lash Impact Waterproof mascara. I have blonde eyelashes and while I’m not interested in creating a big thick or fluttery lash look, I do want something that will define my eyes a little and make me look much less tired. This one seems to do the job; I’m sure you could layer it up for loads of definition, but a couple of strokes over my lashes and I’m happy. And I don’t need to worry about what activity I’m doing, this stuff stays put. The only problem is it is very stubborn to remove unless you have the right thing with you.


08. Ah my trusty Flight001 SeatPak, keeping all the little things (and some bigger things) organised in my handbag or pack. If I have this, I know I’ve got what I need, and I know where to find it. I wrote about it recently.

09. I am often asked how I look after my waterproof coats, making sure they are both clean and keep their waterproof properties, and this stuff from Storm is my response. Their Wash and Proof all-in-one product means you don’t have to wash your coat and then proof it separately, and I can confirm that coats washed in it have (so far) been both cleaned and remain waterproof after several uses.

10. I absolutely love the new Adventure Map of Great Britain, it’s such a good idea, full to bursting of ideas to get outside – so many that you’ll be all set for a good few years! It would make a really fab gift for a family looking for Great Britain holiday ideas and anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. My bucket list is so much longer since I started reading it! I wrote about it here and you can find it on the Ordnance Survey website.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving September 2017 Small

What are you currently loving this month? What do you think of my choices? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. lovinglifeinwelliesblog

    oooh the NC500 is on our to-do list next year, look forward to reading about it.

    May have to get myself some of that waterproof mascarra, lookig for a liquid eyeliner which does the same!

    oh MUSTARD, I love it the colur but don’t know if it’s me, they look uber comfy.

    *runs out to get the foot massager*

    • Splodz

      I highly recommend the NC500 – posts coming really soon – feel free to ask any questions! Will you be doing it in your new camper?

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