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Wow this year is going FAST! It could do with slowing down a little to be honest; I hope the next three months don’t go as quickly as the last three. But anyway, it might be a week late but welcome to my latest Currently Loving post, an opportunity for me to present ten of my favourite things right now. For April I have some clothing, some food, a magazine, and a few little things that represent much bigger things.

Currently Loving April 2016 Splodz Blogz

1. I am really enjoying wearing shirts at the moment. I always have, really, but even more so at the moment. The white one under everything is that Craghoppers Khahi shirt that the lovely people over at Outdoor Look sent me to try out, which I’ve found is perfect for under my motorbike jacket and for when out hiking. The green one is a fairly recent FatFace purchase, a slouchy cotton shirt that is so easy to throw on with jeans. I am certain you’ll see both a lot over the next few weeks, as I’ve only got room for limited clothing on our road trip and these two are already on the “must find space for” pile.

2. My productivity soars when I’m listening to good music, and right now I’m loving nothing more than enjoying film soundtracks. Just stunning music. The CD in the photo is Filmworks, a collection of music by John Williams, who is probably one of the most well known film score composers of the present day – with ET, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Schindler’s List being just a few of his creations. My absolute favourite film score right now is Pirates of the Caribbean; instantly recognisable and descriptive music that I could listen to over and over again. Do you have a favourite film score?

3. Blogosphere Magazine might be on its eighth issue, but it’s my first. To be honest I thought it was hyped up way too much and thought it wouldn’t be that great, but when I spotted it in WHSmiths last week (do you watch my weekly vlogs?) I gave in and treated myself to a copy. I say “treated” as it’s a fiver, but it is nicely printed on good quality paper and is very nicely designed. I am impressed with the range of articles in it – not just bugging up the big bloggers but I could see people like me in there too. I’m not sure I’ll subscribe, but I certainly enjoyed this issue and will definitely look out for it in future months.

4. I hate my face. Really. It’s horrible. And so I’m always on the lookout for a great cleanser. I use Garnier Micellar Water to take off my make-up (see last month’s currently loving post), and then I’ve been using this Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser product to properly cleanse. I’m not sure it’s actually getting rid of my spots, I think I’ve realised that is quite impossible, but my skin feels really clean and well looked after when I’ve used it. I’m on tube three or four of this stuff now, which is always a good advert.

5. Ahhhh my passport. The little booklet that means I can leave and then re-enter the United Kingdom. And the thing that represents my freedom to travel around the world, exploring new places and going on trips that keep my mind full of new things. I love to travel, and yes the UK has lots to offer and plenty of places to explore, but there is something special about having the ability to jump on a plane or a boat and go somewhere that’s different and new just to see what’s there. I only wish I could do loads more of it, I definitely have the travel bug.

6. My little manual and service book is supposed to represent not only my BMW F650GS, but also motorcycle touring in general. It’s a good job it’s one of my favourite things this month really as at the end of the month I’ll be heading on the biggest motorcycle tour of my life so far. Riding a motorcycle makes my heart sing – it’s not about the speed (although I don’t mind that side of it!), but more about the feeling of freedom, the wind on my face, the joy of being a part of the journey and not just taking the journey. I honestly can’t wait for our Zartusacan adventure, and hope that it lives up to all the expectations I’ve placed on it.

7. I am fully aware that ordinary porridge oats are both cheaper and more healthy than these Oats So Simple Sachets, but a big bag of oats will never be as convenient. It’s actually the idea of “flavoured” porridge that’s on my currently loving list this month – something I’ve not bothered with at all in favour for a sprinkling of sugar, but when there was a variety box on offer and I gave the apple and blueberry ones a try I was converted! So good. And naturally sweetened with fruit. Yummy.

8. Mmmmm chocolate. I think when Malteasers took lots of little balls of biscuity goodness and soaked them in chocolate to make a bar they struck gold. Teasers are so yummy. Enough said.

9. Yes, that’s two sweet potatoes. Definitely one of my favourite foods right now. I must do my best not to eat so many that I go off them! I love the flavour, especially when they’re baked or roasted, and definitely appreciate that they are better for my body than a starchy white potato. These two particular examples are now baking in the oven to go with our sweet chilli chicken and broccoli Sunday lunch. Yum. What are your favourite sweet potato recipes? Let me know.

10. The orange Ordnance Survey Explorer OL1 Map covers the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park, a place that will always be on my favourites list. I love it there, and while it might be a bit of a drive to get there, it is just about close enough for a day hike and pub lunch on a sunny (or not so sunny) day off. If you want to know more, I’ve written day hike posts about Kinder Scout and Mam Tor. And if you’ve never visited, go!

Currently Loving April 2016 Splodz Blogz

What are your favourite things right now? Agree with any of my choices?

If you fancy it, you can see me show a few of my currently loving favourites at the end of my weekly vlog:

4 Responses

  1. bigdavezz

    Hi Zoe,
    A couple of your comments here have “struck a chord” with me .. I tend to buy (well Kate does) the pots of instant porridge (cheap ones from Aldi\Lidl or when on offer from Asda) and I keep a pile of them on my desk.. I always buy the original flavour ones and keep a bag of giant chocolate buttons in my desk drawer to mix in…….
    I am managing to combine listening to music and motorcycling on my daily commute. My Interphone F3MC blue tooth intercom unit connects to my iPhone and I stream music to it. Which is great until somebody phones me and interrupts it…..
    Excitement is mounting in our household for our Wild West trip, so you guys must be at “fever pitch” for your epic adventure… Roll On May!

    Quick question… how are your bikes getting there? Are you flying them out when you go or are they going by sea beforehand?


    • Splodz

      Mmmm porridge and chocolate buttons… good call!

      I hope you have an amazing time on the Wild West tour. Did you tell me who’s leading it? Can’t remember. It’s a great tour with some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen – we are definitely going to go to a few of the places again because they are just amazing.

      The bikes are flying out too, on the same day as us. We have employed a cargo agent to sort it out for us as there is a lot of paperwork so we thought it wise to ask the experts. Do you think this side of it would be worth a blog post? Would you find it interesting?

      • bigdavezz

        Hi Zoe, We still don’t know who’s leading our tour yet, or who else is on it..there’s an Aussie couple who have been posting comments on my blog who are doing the first part (they have also chosen an Indian Roadmaster). We keep checking the mail everyday for the info pack but have been disappointed so far…..
        I would definitely find a blog post about your prep for Zartusacan interesting, and other bikers following you would too, no doubt…. I look forward to reading it.. no pressure!

      • Splodz

        I think our information came two to three weeks before the tour started so hopefully you’ll get it soon. It included the hotel info and the approximate route, and then we got a more details road book on arrival.

        Okay, I’ll pen some posts on various topics. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting.

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