Review: Boursin Portions

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Boursin Portions are individually wrapped cubes of Boursin cheese ideal for keeping in your fridge for whenever you need them. They come in packs of six and are available in their Garlic & Herb and Black Pepper flavours. Boursin sent me some of each to try at home.

Boursin Portions

Recently I have found that buying soft cheese in individual portions is much more practical than buying a whole tub. This is mainly because when I buy full tubs I never use it all before it goes off – individual portions like these Boursin cubes last longer because each one is wrapped in foil. I know it’s not as good as there is more packaging, but at least I am not throwing away un-eaten food from my fridge.

Boursin Portions

The consistency of Boursin is more crumbly and less smooth. You can’t really “spread” it, it’s a cheese to be “squished” onto crackers (one portion will cover two crackers) or toast or a lovely fresh white baguette. Once mashed onto your chosen carrier it is perfect to munch on as it is, or are great base layers on which to add beetroot, grapes, chutney or anything else you like with your cheese.

Boursin Portions on Crackers

They taste great. I’ve reviewed Boursin before (here and here) and so you already know I like the texture and flavours of their cheese. They are creamy, crumbly and full of flavour (no subtlety!), and I seem to always have some in the fridge.

These little portions of Boursin are also the perfect size for adding to mash potato (the black pepper one really spices up mash nicely) or to melt into sauces instead of other soft cheeses. My personal preference is to use these as they are, though, on crackers on a Sunday whilst watching Top Gear (trying to kerb the Sunday night blues!).

Disclaimer: I was sent some Boursin portions to try out for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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